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 Leonard Transportation Center

The William and Barbara Leonard Transportation Center works to discover and implement transportation solutions for the expanding of the region. The theme of the center is 'Decision-Making and Management of Transportation Systems.' The center focuses on research, education, policies and practices that impact effective movements of people and goods within and through the region. The center is particularly charged with attending to regional transportation needs, while serving as a focal point within the area to maximize the impact of local transportation initiatives.

Leonard Transportation Center Website

[Leonard Transportation Center] from left to right Photo 1: 2 men speaking on stage; photo 2: booklet regional mobility dialogue series; photo 3: audience at LTC conference; photo 4: Dr. Kimberly Collins lecture

Center For Global Management

Center for Global Management facilitates the development of programs in International Business and Public Administration and to support regional internationalization efforts for the benefit of the faculty, students and local international communities. Through the Study Abroad Program, CBPA students are exposed to the many fascinating aspects, both academically and culturally, of visiting overseas countries.

Center For Global Management Website

Center for Global Management Global Ambassadors and Global Summer Program in Entre awards

Cybersecurity Center

Cybersecurity Center brings faculty and students together with government and industry leaders for the purposes of research, curriculum development, training and awareness in the area of cyber security. The center offers academic concentrations for BS, MBA and MPA degrees, as well as a cyber security certificate in computer science and criminal justice. Cal State San Bernardino was designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance education by the National Security Agency. The center also houses the Cybercorps: Scholarship for Service and Department of Defense IASP/NDU Partnership program for those seeking government employment. Recently, the center became a founding institution for CyberWatch West, a federally funded Advanced Technological Education center that provides cyber security opportunities for students and faculty across the western United States.

Cybersecurity Website

Cybersecurity Center ambassadors. 2nd photo: Vince Nestler open house for cybersecurity

Inland Empire Center For Entrepreneurship (IECE)

Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) offers a comprehensive academic curriculum for undergraduate and graduate degrees, allowing students ample opportunities to test their entrepreneurial potential and connect with local business leaders. In 2010, the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) recognized the center as having an Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship program and our graduate entrepreneurship program has been ranked as high as fourth nationally – and first among public universities – by the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine.

IECE Website

IECE Mike Stull, Spirit of Entrepreneurship awards, Temecula Center opening

Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis

Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis is a full-service consulting and applied research organization. The purpose of the institute is to provide a variety of research and consulting services to public agencies, business organizations, and individuals within the university's service area and beyond. It provides customized research so that each client receives thorough, timely, practical and accurate information tailored for the decision-making needs of the particular organization. The institute advises in multiple disciplines, drawing knowledge through social and public policy research, surveys, feasibility studies, marketing studies and program evaluations.

Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis Website

Drs. Barbara Sirotnik and Jay V.

The Research Institute for Public Management and Governance

The Research Institute for Public Management and Governance actively develops, maintains and promotes strong relationships with local public agencies and other similar national organizations. Specifically, the Institute targets relationship with agencies, organizations and institutions such as municipal governments, California Association of Public Procurement Officers, International City/County Management Association and American Association of Public Administration.

The Research Institute for Public Management and Governance Website

The Research Institute For Public Management and Governance