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Accounting & Finance

Our accounting program is recognized as a regional leader, while our finance program has garnered international acclaim. Our accounting students consistently excel on the CPA examination, maintaining one of the highest passing rates within the California State University system. Alongside accounting and finance, we provide specialized concentrations in real estate and financial planning.

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Want to be an innovator or entrepreneur? If so, the School of Entrepreneurship and its outstanding faculty will help you to gain the competencies, knowledge and confidence to create new ventures or become an innovative change maker. The School delivers multiple undergraduate and graduate academic programs in Entrepreneurship that prepare students to be innovators in any context – startup ventures and small businesses, corporate entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship.  Recognized by AACSB International as a Top 35 global entrepreneurship program, the first (and only) School of Entrepreneurship in California delivers an ecosystem on campus that supports startup activity, helping students to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset and “Think Like An Owner!™

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Information and Decision Sciences

The Department of Information & Decision Sciences' academic programs and activities will prepare you to do just that. You will learn the skills and applications of information and decision technology in an organizational environment. You will be more effective as a working professional and a contributing member of your community. And you will design and manage systems that support other professionals.

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Our department deals with the worlds of managers and entrepreneurs, the men and women who give organizations their vision and direction. We seek to provide you with the foundations of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and instincts that will enable you to become a successful entrepreneur or manager and leader in the organizations of the 21st century.

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IMAGINE a world without your favorite car, basketball team, your favorite ice cream, personal computer, smartphone or any other essential or desired product or service! That would be a world without MARKETING! It is often said that the purpose of any organization is to create customers and to create for customers. Marketers do this every day!

Marketing is a vital part of every organization whether a for-profit or not-for-profit, large or small, private or public. Marketing professionals are essential to identifying customers' wants and needs and then planning and developing, promoting, pricing, selling, and distributing products and services in the most effective way.

The Marketing Department offers four areas of study to prepare you for this fast-paced career including Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, International Business and Hospitality Management (PDC).  Minors in Marketing and Sports & Entertainment Marketing are also available for those that desire to augment their education. Join the fun and the action – join us in Marketing!

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Public Administration

Public administration is concerned with the design and execution of public policy at all levels of government. That is, it is concerned with the quality of American life. There are 89,000 governments in the U.S., 22 million people working directly for the public sector, and approximately a third of our national GDP is generated by public agencies. Public administration is a large vital and vital contributor to our national well-being.

The Department of Public Administration offers both a major and a minor in public administration at the undergraduate level. The master's degree, the MPA, has a general management focus and students use electives to customize their degree.

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