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William and Barbara Leonard Transportation Center

About the LTC

Transportation plays a major role in the Inland Empire of Southern California, and the William and Barbara Leonard Transportation Center is the voice for an integrated and sustainable transportation system in our region. The Inland Empire is an inland port region expected to grow exponentially in the logistics and transportation sector. The region, with informed decisions, can use this growth to develop a strong economic base. Our focal points include transportation management, the impacts of technology on transportation and logistics, and transnational studies. Research influences our education initiatives and community outreach efforts, which in turn substantiate policy produced by the LTC. The Center seeks solutions to assist residents, businesses, government and nonprofit agencies, and international partners work together on improving sustainability and life in the Inland Empire.

What's New at the LTC 

How students help to improve campus parking - Dr. Yunfei Hou 

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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities for Junior Faculty and Students

Currently, we have two separate opportunities for Junior Faculty from regional universities and CSUSB Students. To learn more about our research opportunities:

 Junior Faculty Call for Proposals

Congestion Pricing in the Inland Empire: Savior or Pipe Dream?


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Dialogue Series

The Inland Empire Student Research Challenge 


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If you would like to learn more about the LTC Student Research Challenge please visit the Transportation Mobility Policy & Management page.

Student Research Challenge

The Leonard Family

The Leonard name comes from William E. and Barbara Leonard, San Bernardino residents, business owners, and philanthropists. William “Bill” E. Leonard served on several organization boards and on the California Transportation Commission. To this day their accomplishments still benefit the Inland Empire, and the Leonard Transportation Center continues their commitment to education and transportation issues. In 2006, CSUSB named the new federally funded university transportation center in honor of the Leonard family. The William and Barbara Leonard Transportation Center considers how the larger aspects of globalization impact the local needs of the Inland Empire. Since the Inland Empire acts as an inland port, this Center balances transnational and local policy studies and solutions to improve life and commerce in the Inland Empire.

William E. Leonard History Archives

Over the years, Mr. Leonard's civic leadership has included chairing the California Highway Commission (1973-77) and the California Transportation Commission (CTC, 1985-93). He had a strong presence in the National Orange Show, serving as its president in 1966. He was also a member of the State Athletic Commission and the University of California at Riverside Foundation.

In addition to being a member of the State Athletic Commission , he chaired the San Bernardino Valley College Foundation Board and served as a trustee of the St. Bernardine's Hospital Foundation. He was an active member in the community and took part in a number of other local boards and charities.

Mr. Leonard had a multitude of accomplishments and his legacy lives on through the Leonard Transportation Center. To learn more about his life's work, click the link below to access his historical documents.