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Mission & Values



The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration is committed to nurturing a high-quality educational environment that ensures student, faculty, and staff success in its pursuit of academic excellence and achievement. We seek to transform the lives of our students and alumni, ensuring that they become responsible management professionals within a dynamic region and a globally connected world.


The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration will be recognized nationally for developing ethical and effective leaders from all backgrounds, with a commitment to supportive inclusion, innovation, and community impact.

JHBC Shared Values

Our Mission and Vision are supported by a set of shared values that form the foundation of all our activities. These are not presented in order of preference or significance – we view all values as equally important:

Love of Learning

We prioritize student success. Our actions are judged first on the effect on the education and career achievement of students and life-long learners, and our ability to nurture a love of learning. The diverse student population provides valuable insight on building a successful environment. We strive for excellence in teaching and in supporting students during all aspects of their academic careers at the University.

Love of Innovation

We value faculty and staff. The College values the opinions and perspectives of each individual and strives to construct a collegial atmosphere that nurtures our love of innovation supporting the interchange of ideas and diverse points of view that transcend traditional boundaries. We provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff by being a productive and cooperative unit within the greater University. We recognize the value of the faculty’s efforts in teaching, research, and university and community service.

Love of Identity

We value our alumni and their engagement and leadership in communities around the world. Our alumni are in leadership positions in the community, and in organizations. We work to engage and nurture their love of identity with the College and University and recognize them for their grassroots acumen and accomplishments.

Love of Place

We value the local community and region. As a state-supported regional university, our Mission is to serve the local region through our programs and community partnerships. We seek to nurture a love of place and design meaningful connections that transform lives. We serve as a valued regional resource for all organizations.

Love of Purpose

We value opportunities to nurture our love of purpose in our curriculum and programs with knowledge and experience from the local, regional, national, and international environments.