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Research and Consulting Services

JHBC is proud to house research institutes and business centers that provide a range of professional services to governments, communities, and individuals. Two of the most active of these groups are the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE), which has received recent national ranking and awards for its entrepreneurial programs, and the Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis (IAR), which completes a range of important research studies to inform the Inland Empire community and other groups.

The links below will take you to information on the capabilities and accomplishments of these outstanding organizations. You or your company could benefit from attending one of the seminars or research presentations sponsored by them--or you might find an opportunity to contribute financially or in kind to support the goals of these prolific, influential organizations.

Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis

Applied Research and Policy Analysis

The Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis at California State University, San Bernardino, is a full-service consulting and applied research organization. The purpose of this multi-disciplinary institute is to provide a variety of research and consulting services to public agencies and private organizations, and to serve as a data repository for the Inland Empire.

Directors Drs. Sirotnik and Bochman emphasize professional advice should be relevant, accurate, and affordable.

Customized research for practical and timely information is tailored for the decision-making needs of clients.

Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship

Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship Website

The accomplishments of the college's Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE). under Mike Stull's leadership, contribute significantly to the college-community connection. At the same time, the activities of the center foster an environment of innovation. Whether inviting students and community to attend the Surado Distinguished Entrepreneur Lecture Series, annual inauguration into the Food Industry Hall of Fame, or to attend the annual Spirit of Entrepreneur Awards Dinner that recognizes successful entrepreneurs, the Center fosters creativity from the stories of determination and inventiveness of successful entrepreneurs. IECE is introducing a student business plan competition to help support the environment that fosters new ventures. It will be rewarding to see some of those business plans result in ventures that are launched in our area, and ultimately contribute to job growth. In addition, the Inland Empire Women's Business Center, a program of the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, holds regular workshops on a wide range of topics of interest to women business owners and professionals.

Leonard Transportation Center

Transportation Center

Founded in 2006, the University Transportation Center was created through a multi-year grant from the US Department of Transportation and matched with funding from the California Department of Transportation. The Center's national and regional objectives are threefold:

  • Research-basic and applied research, the products which are judged by peers or other experts in the field of transportation to advance the body of knowledge in transportation;
  • Education-an education program relating to transportation that includes multidisciplinary course work and participation in research;
  • Technology Transfer-an ongoing program of technology transfer that makes transportation research results available to potential users in a form that can be implemented, utilized, or otherwise applied.