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Institute for Public Management & Governance

Business Continuity During the Campus Closure

During the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the offices of the Research Institute for Public Management and Governance are open and operating in a virtual format.  You can reach us via email at

We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you and be safe!


Statement of Purpose and Mission

The mission of the Research Institute for Public Management and Governance (RIPMG), Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, is to bridge research and practice and to develop solutions to real world governance challenges through applied scholarship. The Institute seeks to inspire research and to facilitate scholarly collaborations for purposes of constructing innovative way of addressing governance issues faced by government at the local, state, federal and global levels.   

RIPMG provides the setting within which students and scholars can explore their ideas on improving governance, democratic and ethical habits. The Institute also connects academic research and experiences to the needs of the community and public service. Following the Department, College and CSUSB’s mission and strategic plan, the Institute provides the environment in which students and faculty can pursue and nurture creativity and personal and professional growth. The Institute accomplishes this by creating a supportive academic setting that will foster respect, curiosity, collaboration and social responsibility. Among others, the Institute, by placing public service ethos within its core and telos, is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of students, faculty, the community and public sector.


Director – Dr. Alexandru V. Roman 

Associate Director – Dr. Ann Johnson
Associate Director - Dr. Thomas McWeeney

Special Research Consultant - Dr. Palina Prysmakova

Senior Research Associate - Dr. Anna Ni

Senior Research Fellows:
Dr. Montgomery Van Wart
Dr. Marc Fudge