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Graduate Assistantships

Now accepting Summer 2024 JHBC Graduate
Assistant Applications

Applications Due: Friday, May 10, 2024 (no late applications will be accepted).

Summer GA Faculty ApplicationSummer GA Application

Interested in becoming a GA (new or rehire):

Complete the GA application

Once signed, send this to along with your current resume.  This must be done every semester that you are applying to be a GA whether you are a new applicant or rehire. An updated resume is only required for new applicants; resumes for rehires are optional but preferred.

If you have a faculty member (or Center) who is interested in having you work with them, they will need to complete a “Faculty Request Form”. Note: In speaking with a faculty member about being their GA it is useful to provide them with the Faculty Request Form with your name, phone number and email address already completed

If you have any questions please contact Lisa Peña at, or call her at (909) 537-3400.

Important information:

  1. Students must have a social security card before officially starting as a graduate assistant. Obtaining a social security card can cause a 4-6 week delay in the hiring process and can postpone an assistantship for those who are unable to obtain one prior to the first day of classes.
  2. CSUSB requires an employee background check for all new faculty, instructors, staff, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, volunteers, etc. Inability to pass the background check will result in immediate termination of the graduate assistant appointment. Background checks are good for one year. From start to finish this process can take 5-6 weeks; it can take longer for international students due to the social security card requirement (above).
  3. New hires must complete a new hire orientation through HR before officially starting as a graduate assistant.
  4. Students are not allowed to work more than a total of 20 hours per week; this includes any other employment on campus, including internships.
  5. Student evaluations are due at the end of each semester; these are to be completed by the student and approved by the faculty supervisor. Please let me know if you have any questions.


The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration values joint research opportunities with faculty and students. As such, each semester the college funds a number of eligible candidates to be graduate and research assistants (GA). At this time, all GAs are hired by Lisa Peña ( located in JB-461. 

How it works:

Every semester an announcement is sent out a few weeks before the NEXT semester to students and faculty along with the deadline date to receive applications and requests for that semester. The typical work period is usually 10 hours per week for 12-17 weeks. Below are dates given as a reference.

  • FALL SEMESTER: Start date would be August 24 through December 14
  • SPRING SEMESTER: Start date would be January 21 through May 16

NOTE: The technical starting and ending date for each semester would reflect the above. However, the actual starting and ending dates for the students would be close to these dates - covering a 17 week period per semester. The SUMMER session would be different given the dates available for the student to work.

Students should keep in mind when applying & if hired: 

  • A student is not permitted to have dual employment on campus that would exceed 20 hours per week.
  • A student must obtain a social security card before they can start work as a graduate assistant.
  • A student must submit to a background check if he/she accepts a graduate assistant appointment.
  • A student must complete all hiring steps (including HR’s new employee orientation) before they can start.
  • A student must always conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner.
  • A student must be responsible for submitting timesheets and picking up their checks in a timely manner.
  • A student must notify the appropriate JHBC hiring representative (Lisa Pena) as soon as possible if having to terminate their appointment early due to an appropriate and justifiable reason.

  • Students: Interested students are requested to submit a copy of their most recent résumé with their application form before the quarterly deadline. They are also encouraged to network with faculty to see if they can be matched with a faculty member before they submit their application form – typically one GA appointment per student will be considered for approval.
  • Faculty: Faculty members must also submit a GA request form before the quarterly deadline – typically one GA per faculty will be considered for approval. We encourage faculty to meet with students that approach them for a GA opportunity and to hopefully find a good match to fit their needs. If a faculty member needs a student for more than 10 hours per week for 17 weeks, they must certify through the appropriate administrator via the Graduate Programs Office.
  • Graduate Lab Assistants: In addition to the general graduate assistant opportunities, there are graduate lab assistant positions available to work in the CBPA Labs each semester; these are paid from a separate fund. Students will need to fill out the same graduate assistant application form. If they’ve already met with Ian Jacobs, the Computer Resources Manager, and have been offered a graduate lab assistant position, the student will need to check off the appropriate box on the application form.

Graduate Assistantship Forms for Students and Faculty Members

Contact Lisa Peña for any additional questions. 

Graduate Assistantship Forms for Students and Faculty Members

In addition to the forms above, “new and international students” must complete the following information that may pertain to them.

  • Information Sheet For New and Non-US Citizens
  • Sample of Social Security Letter (if needing a SSN)