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Undergraduate Degrees

The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration offers a major in administration designed to prepare students for careers in business, government service, institutions and related fields. Within the mission of the university, the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration has three central objectives:

  • Provide high quality business and public administration programs which will prepare our students for successful careers in business and government.
  • Participate in scholarly activities which will assist in keeping our students, faculty, and our constituent businesses and governments abreast of current developments in their respective disciplines.
  • Provide professional service to our university, community and professional organizations.

The curriculum, with its core requirements and areas of specialization, provides the student with a broad-based behavioral and quantitative understanding of the concepts of management. The managerial function and decision-making processes are studied with coverage in methods of analysis of quantitative information; judgment and appraisal of social, economic and human relations issues; and effective communication.

The College offers two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts, Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology. Students majoring in the Bachelor of Arts, Administration degree will select and complete courses within a designated concentration, in addition to lower and upper-division core courses.  Students are encouraged to identify a concentration by the beginning of junior year.  

Concentrations available include (listed by Department):  

Department of Accounting and Finance



Financial Planning

Real Estate

Department of Information Decision Sciences

Business Analytics

Information Systems and Technology

Supply Chain and Transportation Management

Department of Management

Human Resources Management 


Department of Marketing

International Business


Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Hospitality Management (PDC)

Department of Public Administration

Public Administration 

School of Entrepreneurship