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Who We Are

At the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC), we embody the spirit of innovation, integrity, and impact. Nestled within the vibrant community of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), we strive for excellence in education, research, and community engagement.

Our College is named in honor of the visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jack H. Brown, whose legacy of leadership and dedication to serving others continues to inspire our mission. With a rich heritage dating back to our founding in 1965, we have consistently upheld a commitment to academic excellence, preparing our students to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of business and public administration.

Our faculty members are distinguished experts in their fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom. Through innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge research, they empower our students to think critically, act ethically, and lead with confidence.

At the Jack H. Brown College, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and drive positive change. Whether through our undergraduate concentrations or graduate programs, we provide our students with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive environment. From business administration to public policy, we offer a comprehensive array of programs designed to meet the needs of a diverse community.

Beyond the classroom, we are deeply committed to fostering a culture of service and engagement. Through partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, we provide our students with hands-on learning opportunities that prepare them to be effective leaders and responsible citizens. From internships, to community service projects and study abroad experiences, we offer a wealth of opportunities for our students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. Guided by our shared values of love, we will continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, empower the next generation of leaders, and make a meaningful impact on the world around us. We invite you to join us on our journey of discovery and transformation here in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration. Together, we graduate community and global leaders!

Dean's Message

JHBC Dean, Tomas Gomez-Arias, Ph.D


I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. Our college is a vibrant community of learners committed to excellence in education, research, and service.

Here, we foster a supportive and inclusive community where innovation, collaboration, and creativity thrive. Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree in business administration, public administration, information systemsor any of our globally ranked graduate programs, you are embarking on a journey that will prepare you for success in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Our faculty members, both leading researchers and practitioners, are committed to providing you with a rigorous academic experience that combines theory with real-world application. Through hands-on learning opportunities, internships, and partnerships with industry leaders, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to excel in your chosen field.

As you explore our website, I encourage you to discover the many resources and opportunities available to you. From career services to student organizations, we are here to support your personal and professional growth every step of the way.

I am excited to see what you will achieve during your time with us and the positive impact you will make in your communities and beyond. Welcome to the Jack H. Brown College family – where your aspirations will become reality.


Tomás Gomez-Arias, Ph.D

JHBC History

In the summer of 2016, our college underwent a proud transformation, becoming the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC). This renaming honored the memory of the late Jack H. Brown, a longstanding supporter of CSUSB and a nationally acclaimed business leader. His generous $10 million endowment gift marked the largest single cash donation in the university's history, underscoring his commitment to education and community development.

The annual returns from this endowment are earmarked for a variety of initiatives aimed at empowering students, faculty, and staff within the college. From scholarships and professional development opportunities to enhanced learning environments and support for new faculty, these funds are a testament to Mr. Brown's enduring legacy of investing in future leaders.

Jack H. Brown Hall, the home of the JHBC, stands as a symbol of Mr. Brown's dedication to CSUSB and its surrounding communities. Opened on September 23rd, 1991, the hall was the first building on campus named in recognition of a significant donation—$1 million contributed towards its construction. For the thousands of students who pass through its doors, Jack H. Brown Hall is more than a building; it's a testament to the power of philanthropy and higher education.

About Jack H. Brown:

Jack H. Brown, former chairman and CEO of Stater Bros. Markets, was a titan of California's business landscape. His journey began humbly, working as a box boy at Berk's Market Spot in San Bernardino at the age of 13. Through hard work and determination, he pursued higher education at institutions like San Bernardino Valley College, San Jose State University, and UCLA, where he studied business administration. His service with the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy further shaped his ethos of leadership and service.

In 1981, Mr. Brown assumed leadership of Stater Bros. Markets, guiding it to become Southern California's largest privately owned supermarket chain. Throughout his career, he remained deeply committed to investing in future business leaders, establishing scholarships for students and supporting initiatives like CSUSB's Coyote Athletics.

His contributions to the business community were recognized with numerous awards, including the 'Arrowhead Distinguished Chief Executive Officer Award' and distinctions such as 'Inland Empire Entrepreneur of the Year', 'Business Leader of the Year', and 'Retailer of the Year'. Mr. Brown's philanthropic endeavors extended beyond business, earning him accolades like the 'Semper Fidelis' award from the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and the 'Patriot Award' from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, among many others.

Mr. Brown's legacy continues to inspire generations of students, faculty, and community members. To learn more about Jack H. Brown and the JHBC, we welcome you to visit us on the CSUSB campus and see his displays in the Jack H. Brown Hall lobby.