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E-Portfolio Defense

Students in the MA in the Instructional Design and Technology program are expected to meet Program Learning Outcomes. Your knowledge and skills should be demonstrated in your e-Portfolio.

Students in the Instructional Students who want to take the comprehensive exam must meet the following requirements prior to taking the examination.

E-Portfolio Evaluation: Submit your e-Portfolio URL to the ETEC program faculty members prior to taking the comprehensive examination using ePortfolio Submission form by no later than the 7th Friday of the quarter you are intended to defend your ePortfolio. E-Portfolios highlight the four areas of the ETEC courses (Instructional Technology Foundation, Design/Development, Research, & Technology Skills). Refer to e-Portfolio examples.

Defense: After submitting your e-Portfolio URL to ETEC faculty, students must attend a defense and successfully answer faculty questions. The defense session will be held at 4:00 PM on the 9th Friday every quarter. Consult advisers for possible changes.

After you pass the e-Portfolio defense, your name will be submitted to Shani Sims at the Masters in Education Office who will check your eligibility to sign up for ETEC999. 

E-Portfolio Links