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Below is the list of course requirements for the Instructional Technology program.

Core Courses

All students must complete the following core course requirements:

Masters Core

  • EDUC 603 Effective Communication in Education (4)* 
  • EDUC 605 Foundations of Education (4)*
  • EDUC 607 Introduction to Educational Research*

Note: You must successfully complete EDUC 603 & 605 before enrolling in 607. If required by the program or a difficult schedule, you may take 603 & 605 concurrently. But 607 may not be taken until completion of the other courses.

Program Core

  • ETEC 500 Foundations of Instructional Technology (4)
  • ETEC 543 Technology and Learning I (4)
  • ETEC 544 Design and Development of Instructional Materials I (4)
  • ETEC 692 Practicum in Educational Technology

Emphases Courses

Applicants must also choose one of the following emphases:

  • ETEC 643 Technology and Learning II (4)
  • ETEC 644 Design and Development of Instructional Materials II (4)
  • Elective Courses

Maximum 12 units of the following elective courses:

  • ETEC 542 Seminar in Instructional Technology
  • ETEC 546 Computer Based Technology in Education II
  • ETEC 614 Need Assessment: Issues and Techniques
  • ETEC 617 Evaluation of Instructional Development and Change Process
  • ETEC 623 Technology for Educational Leaders
  • ETEC 634 Information Systems in Education
  • ETEC 674 Learning Technology & Methods
  • ETEC 676D Advanced Topics in Instructional Technology
  • ETEC 676D Topics that have been offered include:
    • Flash
    • Web Quest
    • Dreamweaver
    • Mobile Learning
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Backwards Design
    • Interactive Multimedia
    • Website Development
    • Open Source Software for Education
    • Tools for Instructional Design: iDVD and iMovie
    • New Media and Education, i.e. Blogging and Podcasting
    • Design and Development of Online Instructional Materials
    • Using video and other multimedia as an instruction tool
      Maximum of 8 Units may be taken from another department, accredited college, or university.


  • Students have two options for their emphasis depending on their passion and career goals. The following are the two courses developed for the emphasis options:
  • ETEC 643 Technology and Learning II (4)


  • ETEC 644 Design and Development of Instructional Materials II (4)
  • ETEC 643 is a course designed for the Research Emphasis. This course is recommended for those who are interested in pursuing a higher degree and would like to better understand a phenomenon that is related to the use of technology to support learning and performance.
  • ETEC644 is geared toward the Development Emphasis. ETEC644 is recommended for those who are interested in developing instructional materials while practicing instructional design processes.

Culminating Experiences

Two options:

Option1: Masters Project/Thesis

Applicants must also complete the following:

  • ETEC 699 Master's Degree Project/Thesis (4)
  • Taking one of the emphasis courses will help you draft your MA Project Application Form and conduct your potential MA projects. ETEC 699 is a course designed for student to focus on the completion of students' MA project. The master's project will require a substantial commitment of time. Please allow at least 2 quarters to complete the project. Before students register for ETEC 699, students need to refer to the MA Project Checklist under Resources.
  • ETEC 699 Note: you should not expect to begin your project in ETEC 699. You should take ETEC 699 when you expect to complete your project. In order to take ETEC 699 you must:
  • Have advanced to candidacy.
  • Have submitted a Masters Project Application.
  • Make sure to review the information on the Thesis, Project, and Dissertation page in the Graduate Studies website as to thesis template, thesis format review, etc/.

Option2: Comps Exam

  • Comps Exam by taking ETEC 542D (4 units) or an additional elective (4 units) and ETEC 999 (0 units). You must pass the comprehensive examination. To be eligible to take the examination, you must submit your e-portfolio to ETEC faculty members and pass an e-Portfolio defense, which will be held on the 9th Friday every quarter. See ePortfolio Links page for details.
  • To register, contact Shani Sims
  • Masters and Advanced Credentials Office in CE-102
  • Comprehensive Examination Schedule
  • Students who have completed all coursework and plan to take the comprehensive exam may enroll in 999 Comprehensive Exam (zero units) through the College of Extended Learning.