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Seik Park's granted.


Seik Park has accepted the 2021 IOHSK Graduate student Research Grant.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek
Presentation title: 'Effects of VR Games on Mental Health Among College Students: A Review of Literature'

Darryl Vidal

Darryl Vidal (Class of 2017) has published a book entitled "From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology" in 2020.

EIN Presswire News article about the book and videos: Video Series on Distance Learning and COVID-19 Impacts on School Districts

Book: From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology: Overcoming Critical Infrastructure and Organizational Dynamics in Education Paperback –  Available on Amazon.Com

YouTube Video: From Dysfunction to Innovation - Part 1 



Matthew Atherton Research


Matthew Atherton has presented his research project at the CSU Student Research Competition via Zoom on April 26, 2020. 

Faculty Advisor: Eun-Ok Baek


Eman Alzoghbieh was awarded with 2020 California State University San Bernardino SSI Graduate Student Culminating Project Fund to conduct research on "the Prevalence of Food Insecurity among CSUSB students.”

Holly Read and Amy Leh


Holly Read and Dr. Amy Leh presented at the 2019 AECT Conference.

Title of the presentation: 'Technology Use and Impact of 'Voluntary Social Year' on High School Graduate in Germany'

Javier Bravo



To one of our Instructional Technology graduate students, Javier Bravo, for his continued collaboration between San Bernardino City Unified School District and CSUSB in exposing students to STEM education through Verizon Innovative Learning. Through this program, local students are refining their critical thinking skills and college readiness via technology integration.

Student Name: Javier Bravo
Mentor Name: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek / Xinying Yin
District: SBCUSD

Get Smarter


Rebecca Cuevas, Founder and CEO of  Learn and Get Smarter, Inc., an IT program alumna, has written a book entitled 'Course Design Formula™: How to Teach Anything to Anyone Online.' It is available on Amazon. Her company website


Charles Carter is awarded with the Graduate Equity Fellowship, 2019-2020.Eman Alzoghbieh, reciepient of Graduate Equity Award for Winter; being hired as a Teacher Assistant at the Health Sciences department teaching Lab 120. 

Eman Alzoghbieh, participated in a published article as a second author!     

Amy Leh hosted Phi Beta Delta







Dr. Amy Leh hosted the Phi Beta Delta (PBD) event successfully on Thursday, May 16th, 2019. In the event, Xian ChenQiuyan Jiang and Yu-Tsan Shih were awarded with scholarships. In addition, Dr. Baek was inducted to the PDB.

ITS tech talk


Yutong Liu and Yu-Tsan Shin have introduced our program's adaptive learning project at the ITS Tech Talks 2019 on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019.


Taemin Ha


One of our graduate students in the program, Taemin Ha, got accepted from a Ph.D. program with three years full scholarship at the University of Northern Colorado. He will continue his education in a doctoral program from the upcoming Fall semester 2019! 

Student Name: Taemin Ha 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek 
Graduate Institution: University of Northern Colorado
Field of Study: Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership, Ph.D. at the School of Sport and Exercise Science 

Taemin Ha



Taemin Ha has represented the College of Education and CSUSB at the 8th International Conference on Sports and Exercise Science in Bangkok, Thailand on Juen 19th to 22nd, 2018.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek
Presentation title: “Perception of Using Workout Applications among College Students'

*This poster presentation was funded and sponsored for the Student Research and Travel Grant by the Offcie of Student Research at California State University, San Bernardino.

32nd Annual CSU Student Research Competition


Eyda-Qi Guo, Tong Feng, and Lu Jia have represented CSUSB at the 32nd Annual CSU Student Research Competition at Sacramento State University on May 4th and 5th, 2018.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek
Presentation title: “The Effect of Mobile Application for TOEFL Pronunciation and Speaking Learners”