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Requesting and Obtaining Keys

Please contact your department’s access coordinator to begin the key request process.

Requesting Keys Through the Electronic Web Request System

Approving Key Requests Through the Electronic Web Request System

Online Student Key Renewal Booklet


How do I request a re-key?

Submit an Online Key Request

How do I get a locked door open if I don’t have my keys? 

Call University Police (909) 537-5165

Who do I call for trouble with my keys?

You can contact the Facilities Service Center at 909-537-5175 if you have trouble with keys.

How can I turn in my keys?

There are two options.  During regular business hours, they can be dropped off inside our Facilities Management building front counter, or you can drop them off at any time in our dropbox directly out front of our building. Either way, once they are returned, you will receive a receipt notification.

 I received an email notification that my keys are ready for pick. How can I pick them up?

Email and coordinate a time and date to pick up at our Facilities Management building. Ensure you bring your Coyote ID or identification.

I don't see my Approver in the approver drop-down list in the online key request?

Only MPPs and Chairs can approve keys for their department's assigned areas. If the Approver for your department is not displaying, send us an email at with the following information: Name of the Recipient, Location they are requesting access to, and your department name, so we can look into it.

How can I cancel my key request?

Send an email to to cancel the request and make sure to include the request number.

I submitted a key request. Can I edit or modify my request online?

Unfortunately, once a request is submitted, the requestor cannot modify it online. For assistance with a request, email and reference the request number.

How can I request a key for a student?

A justification statement must be submitted to using the department's letterhead and signed by the appropriate Dean or Vice President. The request will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Facilities Management. Once approved, you will be able to submit a Key Request. If they are not in the system, you can notify for further details.

How can I renew a student's key/keys?

Students are only issued keys for one academic term. However, if the students need to keep the key longer, you must submit a Key Renewal. This process needs to be done at the end of every term. For more information, please go to our Facilities Management website under Services.

I submitted a key request, and I have not received any status update?

Most likely, your key request has not been approved by the Approver. You can verify this by going back to the online key request website and checking the status of the request. If the status still displays "New Key Request," you will need to contact the Approver to approve the request in order for it to move forward.