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Augie Award Nomination Form

Award Description

The biennial "Augie" award, established in 2006, honors the memory of Augie Hartung, Associate Director of Facilities Services at California State University, San Bernardino from 2001 to 2006. The Augie award is in the shape of a popsicle because Augie was well known for giving out free popsicles on hot summer days, just to show that he cared and to see people smile.

Mr. Hartung, through actions and thoughts exemplified the concept of caring and service throughout his tenure at the University. In his unique and personal way, Mr. Hartung touched every aspect of the University far beyond his formal role and job duties.

It is in this spirit that the University continues his memory through this award and it is to be presented to a member of the campus community who most closely emulates the persona of Augie Hartung, as demonstrated by the qualities of being:

Affirming  |  Understanding  |  Giving  | Inspiring  |  Exceptional

The award is open to all Faculty, Staff and Administrators.  Please describe on the attached nomination form clearly and concisely why you consider the nominee for the award. Please give examples of how the nominee best emulates Augie's caring spirit, unquenchable enthusiasm for assisting others, and warmth in thoughtfully reaching out to friends and strangers alike over a sustained period of time.

Nomination Form