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Augie Award

Augie Hartung

Augie Hartung

The university has created an award to recognize one person at CSUSB, biennially, who best emulates Augie Hartung. Augie was known for his caring spirit, unquenchable enthusiasm for assisting others, and warmth in thoughtfully reaching out to friends and strangers alike. The Augie Award (The Augie) was first introduced in 2006 and has become among the most coveted prizes the university offers. The Augie award is in the shape of a popsicle because Augie was well known for giving out free popsicles on hot summer days, just to show that he cared and to see people smile. Nominees should be Affirming, Understanding, Giving, Inspiring, and Exceptional.

What The Augie Award Stands For

Augie Award Popsicle
  • Affirming
  • Understanding
  • Giving
  • Inspiring
  • Exceptional


Nominate an Employee for the Augie Award

Augie Award Recipients

  • 2006: Catherine (“Cathe”) Stevenson, College of Education – Language, Literacy, and Culture
  • 2008: Elaine Burkholder, Student Affairs - Student Health Center
  • 2010: Lydia Ortega, Student Affairs - Records, Registration, and Evaluation
  • 2012: Diane Podolske, President’s Office - Office of Community Engagement
  • 2014: Kim Hunsaker, Student Affairs – Threat Assessment Office
  • 2016: Judi Cruz, Student Affairs - Student Health Center
  • 2018: Jesse Felix – Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)
  • 2020: Lorena Segovia - College of Extended and Global Education - Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

Lorena Segovia

Lorena Segovia

Jesse Felix

Jessie Felix

Judi Cruz

Judi Cruz

Kim Hunsaker

Kim Hunsaker

Diane Podolske

Diane Podolske