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Campus Disruptions

Campus Disruptions

September 11, 2022 Flood Remediation – Fall Semester Update

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Flash flooding caused by Tropical Storm Kay on Sunday, September 11, 2022 resulted in the flooding of 18 campus buildings and the closure of campus on Monday, September 12, 2022. 

Flood waters entered most buildings through building doorways which caused the majority of the damage on campus.  Flood remediation and restoration work is underway throughout the campus.  All of the impacted areas can be viewed on the Campus Map

In addition to water damage, the storm damaged the electrical transformer at the Faculty Office Building.  Electrical service to the Faculty Office Building continues to be impacted.  Electricity to this building is expected to be restored in mid-October 2022.

For additional information on what to expect following a flood, please visit Flood Impacts FAQ.


Performing Arts Building Project

Construction for the new Performing Arts Building Annex project is starting. The project will be located in the existing lawn area south of the existing Performing Arts building and east of Building 23 (formerly the Bookstore). Utility connections for the project will also take place in the lawn area west of the existing Performing Arts building and north of Building 23.

Phase 1 of construction, including erection of the construction fence, will begin Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

Construction site fencing will be modified as the project progresses, notifications to the campus community will be provided prior to fencing modifications for future phases.

The following is an artist rendering of the project as viewed from the flag pole area.


artist rendering of the Performing Arts Building Project from the flag pole area, people, trees,

Areas affected by Construction: Phase-1

Construction fencing shall restrict unauthorized access into the construction site. Please exercise caution when traveling around the construction site and follow all construction signage. The existing Performing Arts building will remain open at all times during construction.

In Phase 1, the south fence boundary will close off a section of Sycamore Walk, which is also known as South Campus Circle. Pedestrian access will be re-routed to the walkway along the parking lot access road. Golf carts will not be allowed on this path due to pedestrian safety, and golf cart drivers are advised to use one of the other approved golf cart paths. Motor vehicles will be re-routed through the parking lot services roads.

The north west construction fence boundary will be located on the lawn area west of the existing Performing Arts building. This will also restrict access to the existing Performing Arts loading dock and a section of the service road. Deliveries to the existing Performing Arts will be relocated to a temporary drop off zone on the north side of the building. This will be in effect during construction only and is to be used for official deliveries only.

The south west construction fence boundary will be located along the edge of the pedestrian path leading to the Veteran’s Success Center (VSC) in the lower level of Building 23. This path will be closed for several months in order to make necessary utility connections. During this closure, access to the VSC will be re-routed through the first level of Building 23 and via the interior stairs or elevator. The pedestrian path access to the VSC will re-open once utility connections are complete.

The east construction fence boundary will be located at the edge of the landscape area located north-west of the flag poles. Pedestrian walkways will remain open around the project site fence.   

Contractor construction trailers and laydown area will be located off site in the vacant land west of the University Enterprises building. This area will also be fenced. Contractor parking will be located in the back section of Lot B.

Please reference the project map below. The Disruption Plan highlights pedestrian paths, vehicular paths and construction fence placement for Phase 1. Further construction notices will be shared as the project progresses.

Campus map, phase 1 driver access plan, Performing Arts Building Project

Please direct any questions to Carlos Robles, Project Manager, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, via email at, or via phone at 909-537-5136.