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Key Requests

  1. Notify your department to initiate the key request process.
  2. A Key Request Card must be completed for each key and/or electronic access credential being requested.  The Key Request Card must be typed and signed by an authorized signer on the Key/Code Issue Authorization Form.  The Key Request Card must include the first and last name of the intended key holder, key holder CoyoteID number, key holder department, requestor's extension and the building and room the key will unlock (specify which door or area, if applicable).  Key requests for students must include the term of issue (year and term, e.g. F16).
  3. Email the completed and signed Key Request Card to Facilities Management at  Please do not cut or alter the form.
  4. Please allow at least seven to ten working days to process your request once it is received.  Facilities Management will email the intended key holder when the key is ready for pick up.

Upon review and approval of your completed request, Facilities Management will

  1. Have the key prepared by a Facilities Management locksmith.
  2. Notify the key holder by email when the key(s) is ready.
  3. Place the key in the Facilities Management front office for pick up by the key holder.

To Pick-up Keys

  1. Key holder will obtain keys from the Facilities Management (FM) Front Office.
  2. Key holder must present their CoyoteID Card to Facilities Management Front Office staff.
  3. Key holder must pick-up key(s) and/or electronic access credential from the Facilities Management Front Office within thirty days of receiving notice they are available.
  4. If the key(s) and/or electronic access credential is not picked up within thirty days, they will be returned to stock.
  5. If key and/or electronic access credential is still needed after returned to stock, the requestor must reinitiate the key request process.

Online Student Key Renewal Information

Students are issued keys on a one academic term basis.  In order to renew student keys, a current and completed Key/Code Issue Authorization Form from the department must be on file prior to setting up Online Student Key Renewal access.  We ask that these forms be updated at the beginning of every fiscal year or whenever a change of staffing occurs that impacts who authorizes keys for your department.  Authorizing staff will need a valid campus email address and valid CoyoteID.  Please check the 'Online Renewals' box on the Key/Code Issue Authorization From to indicate that an employee should be provided access to the online program.  Once your request has been processed, you will be emailed a password.  The online submission will trigger an email to the Facilities Management Front Office staff to check the renewal database.  We will compare the submitted information to the data in our database.  If there are no discrepancies, we will approve the request. If there are discrepancies, or if we have questions, we may place the status as 'denied' with an explanation.  The system will automatically email this reply.  You are welcome and encouraged to download our

instruction booklet

 that explains in detail how the process works.



In order to receive clearance from Facilities Management, the key holder must return all keys and electronic access credentials to Facilities Management.  Inquires regarding issued keys or electronic access credentials may be requested via email to  Facilities Management will check the key database to confirm if the clearing individual has any outstanding keys and reply to the requestor.  For security reasons, all clearance forms and any outstanding keys and/or electronic access credentials are required to be submitted to Facilities Management in order to obtain a Facilities Management clearance stamp.  If a position is going to be renewed, the department may send  a new completed and signed Key Request Card with the Clearance form. This will allow Facilities Management to clear the individual as a past employee and issue them keys and/or electronic access credentials as a new employee. The employee will not be cleared until new Key Request Cards are received and/or a replacement fee is paid for each outstanding key and/or electronic access credential. See 'Lost or Stolen Keys' for more information.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Complete a report with University Police regarding the keys that were lost or stolen.

Pay the replacement fee per key and/or electronic access credential at the Bursar's office, located in UH-035.

Complete a new Key Request Card for each key needing replacement. Read the section on how 'To Request a Key'.

Proof of payment of the replacement(s) must be presented to Facilities Management in order to obtain the new key(s) or receive University clearance.