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Frequently Asked Questions


We want to look through the surplus furniture options in the Warehouse, what time is it open?

You can see what there is available in on-campus surplus on Wednesdays between 11am – 1pm.  There are tags available to denote which items you would like delivered to your area on a chargeback basis.  Other days and times are available by appointment only through the Facilities Service Center at X75175 or via a work request on WebTMA.

There are ants/bugs in my office, do you spray for insects?

We contract pest control services with an outside vendor who is on campus weekly.  We make every effort to keep pests outside of buildings and work areas.  In the event that there are pests in your work area, please notify the FSC at X75175 and we will submit a request for treatment.  Treatment can include bait stations, traps, spraying and other measures deemed appropriate by the vendor.  If it is necessary to spray pesticides in a building we typically spray the inside of a buildings on a request basis only outside of business hours or on a scheduled basis.  The occupant(s) will need to vacate the area during the treatment as well as at least two hours after.  However, each case is different, so we will always let you know what options are available to you prior to spraying.

May I borrow a tool/ladder/hose/cart?

No, we do not loan out items.  Please put in a work request via WebTMA or by calling the Facilities Service Center at X75175 should you need assistance.

My room is too hot or too cold, how can this be fixed?

Facilities Management provides heating and cooling for many campus buildings as well as the Coyote Village.  Please contact Facilities Management if the temperatures in your building are cooler than 68°F or warmer than 78°F.  In an effort to limit the carbon footprint associated with campus operations these parameters have been set to maximize energy use on campus.  Our campus standards are in compliance with California State University; Executive Order (EO) 987, the CSU Policy regarding Energy Conservation. 

In the event that you have a medical condition requiring that your space be maintained at a temperature outside of the campus standard range please work through the accommodation process with Human Resource (Employees) or Services to Students with Disabilities (Students) and adjustments can be made as appropriate.

Please note that the use of portable electric heaters and fans are not to be used in CSU facilities unless authorized by Facilities Management.

How do I know how much my work request will cost so I can budget accordingly?

When you put in your request, make sure to ask for an ESTIMATE before proceeding with the work.  Once the estimate is reviewed and approved by the appropriate Facilities Manager the requester has 10 business days to confirm the CFS to use and to proceed with the work to obtain the information required to determine which permits if any are required.

Why may my work request be delayed?

Delays can be due to a variety of factors including permitting, funding and clarification of project scope.  Additional questions or follow-up may be required in order to confirm we can provide you with the service or work you are requesting.

How long will it take to have my work completed?

This will depend on the scope of your work request.  Review and approval from the appropriate Facilities Manager may be required.  There may be a delay in ordering the correct parts or accurately diagnosing the issue/problem.  The technicians want to be thorough while also getting the issue back in working order.

Why did I receive an email that my work request requires construction review?

Based on the information provided or the scope of the work, it was deemed necessary to have Facilities Planning Design and Construction review the request.  A representative will contact you to obtain the information required to approve or deny the permit, if one is required.

We are moving offices and need assistance, how long will it take to fulfill my request?

We complete moving requests on a chargeback first come, first serve basis.  Due to the size and scope of the move, additional resources may be needed.  Make sure to include: location to location, what needs to be moved (e.g. furniture, boxes, etc.), if items need to be disassembled or removed from a wall as well as desired move dates. Please note that during the summer, we are inundated with moves.  Try to give us a least two weeks notice.

Can I just leave items in the hallway to be picked up and disposed of?

Leaving items in corridors is in violation of Building and Fire codes.  If you need items removed from your area, including toner cartridges, please input a work request through WebTMA or by calling X75175.

We ordered furniture that requires assembly, do you assist with that?

We are not able to loan out tools or equipment. We recommend that you purchase installation and assembly with your new furniture orders.  If you have items that need to be assembled, we need to assess the scope of work needed, but in most instances we can provide this service on a chargeback basis.  A typical request may include assembling a new desk chair, a new desk, a small table, etc. 

We do not disassemble modular furniture (e.g. cubicles), but can provide recommendations on which company to use to assist you.