Advertise Your Non-profit, School or Government Agency's Internship Opportunities for FREE!

Nonprofits, Schools and Government Agencies may post internship listings for students on CareerLaunch for free. This service allows you to offer your internship postings where students can view and apply for them from any Internet connection. You can choose to receive student applications online, by email, or submitted through another method you choose (i.e., company website, fax, phone).


  • Register with CareerLaunch
  • Log in to CareerLaunch
  • Click 'Jobs/Experiential Learning' on the bar across the top of your screen, then click 'Add New'
  • Fill out the online form -
    • You can copy and paste text into the Job Description box (be careful with HTML).
    • If you have posted the position before, you can use the 'Copy Existing' from the drop-down menu.
    • The different drop-down menus, such as the 'Desired Major(s)' category and 'Graduation Date Range', allow students to gain an idea of the type of candidate you are seeking. All fields with a red asterisk are required.
  • When finished, select 'Submit'.
  • Once you have submitted the position, it will be pending Career Center approval (which can take up to 2 business days).
  • To view how your posting will look to students, choose the 'Preview' tab.
  • NOTE: If you choose 'Restrict Applications', the 'Screening Criteria' at the bottom of the form are binding. Any student who does not qualify will be unable to apply for the position.

To Edit a Posting

  • Log in to CareerLaunch
  • Select 'Jobs/Experiential Learning' on the bar across the top of your screen.
  • All current internships will be shown; click the title of the position you wish to edit.
  • Make any necessary changes to the internship posting form.
  • Select 'Submit'