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Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement

Thank you for joining our efforts to learn more about our students through the Pathways survey! The Pathways framework describes a range of possibilities by which we can make a contribution to the common good. The pathways intersect and overlap. There is no one single path and people move in and out of these pathways over time. The framework is useful to underpin learning about public service and engagement. 

Using the Pathways survey enables students to:

  • Be exposed to the six pathways, and differentiate between them;
  • Surface their interest, experience, personal strength, and perceived impact for each pathway;
  • Imagine themselves participating in service through each pathway;
  • Explore systemic issues through various types of service.

Before Survey: Introducing the Framework and Survey

It may be helpful to introduce students to the framework before they complete the survey. In this case, we have a 2-minute overview video that can be shared with students. For the facilitator, the summary graphic, demo version of the survey, and results page overview may be useful to become familiar with the framework and survey.

After the survey: Reflection Questions

Facilitators are encouraged to have a post-survey discussion with students. These discussions allow for students to reflect on results, share perspectives, and conceptualize their contributions to public good. Here are some questions to get your class discussions started: 

  • What questions do you have from your results?
  • Where can you learn more about your pathway(s) of highest interest?
  • What do you think of the pathway(s) you are least interested in? Are they of least interest because of a lack of experience or because you genuinely don’t care for them?
  • How do your results compare to your interests and your impact? What does this mean to you?
  • Are you more interested in having an impact on a specific topic, or taking on any topic but through a specific pathway?
  • How do you think your prior civic experiences prepare you for taking on new opportunities?
  • How might you engage a topic you are passionate about through multiple pathways?


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