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Welcome Faculty

The Office for Community Engagement (OCE) is committed to support and recognize CSUSB faculty who address critical community needs through high-quality community-based experiences for our students. We connect faculty with communities and facilitate community partnership development, service learning and/or community-based participatory research.


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OCE Faculty Support Services

Awards and Recognition

  • Outstanding Community Engagement Faculty Award
  • CSUSB President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • Faculty highlights (Facebook/LinkedIn; OCE Website; OCE Newsletter; Annual Report)

Additional Support Outlets

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Community engagement faculty newsletter
  • Community-engaged faculty listserv
  • OCE website links and guides
  • Connection with the CO Center for Community Engagement and other CSU offices

Community Engagement Course Design (Service Learning and Community Based Participatory Research)

  • SL and CBPR implementation models 
  • Community partner identification and partnership support
  • Syllabus design guidance
  • Risk management guidance
  • Related articles, books and readings
  • Student and community partner assessment

Classroom Resources

  • Best practices for students in community
  • Resources for service materials (e.g. t-shirts, name tags)
  • Reflection questions, prompts and activities
  • Discussion guidelines
  • Online learning software guidance

Research and Scholarship

  • Community Engagement Writing Accountability Group
  • Community Engagement Library Program
  • Linkages with other CSU faculty with similar interests
  • Relevant scholarship and publishing outlets

RPT and Professional Development

  • Letters of support for RPT files
  • Faculty development workshops/webinars
  • Conference, workshops and event opportunities

Grant Opportunities (as funding permits)

Community-Based Education and Service Programming

Learn key strategies in writing an effective OCE grant application through InfoReady and some best practices to document your community engagement efforts! 

Learn the best practices in designing a service learning course, including the development of a service learning-focused syllabus!

Service Learning Toolkit

Learn foundational DEI strategies to utilize when building community partnerships.

Risk Management

Do you have questions about managing risk for your service learning class?  Find answers here!