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Do Good Award

Do Good Volunteer Recognition Award

Due to the ever-growing changes and restrictions of the pandemic COVID-19 we have made the decision to pause CSUSB’s President Volunteer Service Award (CPVSA) for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The pandemic has created challenges in our everyday lives. Many of the these challenges have led to uneasiness and fear of the unknown, but it also has re-ignited the need to help others who are in need during these difficult times.

Despite so much being unknown, we know one thing for sure; kindness has not been cancelled. Our campus community from students, faculty and staff continue to make positive impacts in our community and to those who need it most, even in the face of uncertainty… you continue to Do Good!

How It Works

Step 1 | Volunteer

  • You will need to volunteer for a minimum of 25 hours for Fall 2020.
  • You can include your summer hours to Fall 2020.
  • Last Day to submit hours is November 30,  2020. Firm deadline.

Step 2 | Submit Application

  • The date of the volunteer activity?
  • How many hours did you volunteer for during this activity?
  • Did you volunteer with a non-profit organization? If yes, what is the agency name?
  • How did you Do Good? Provide a brief description of what you did during your volunteer activity

Step 3 | Review and Process

  • The Office of Community Engagement will review the hours submitted.
  • Please note, OCE reserves the right to determine the best way to track and record volunteer service so that it is consistent and fair for all CSUSB applicants.
  • Please review: What doesn't Count and volunteer examples.

Step 4 | Announcement

  • You will receive a notification at the end of Fall 2020 if you met the minimum 25 hours!

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Do Good award is open to ALL CSUSB students, faculty and staff - this is an individual award.
  • 25 volunteer hours minimum needed, no signature or proof required. However, OCE will review hours at submission to ensure hours submitted meet guidelines for award.
  • Volunteer hours submitted must be for non-paid work that is focused on providing services to the off-campus community who receives a direct benefit from your service.
  • Review What doesn’t Count – Volunteer service can mean different things to different people. In order to avoid confusion, the CPVSA defines volunteer as a service that benefits the community at large.


*OCE reserves the right to determine the best way to track and record volunteer service so that it is consistent and fair for all CSUSB applicants.


Dates and Deadlines      

  • Eligible volunteer hours from June 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020.
  • Deadline to submit volunteer is Monday, November 30, 2020.

What Do You Receive?

  • Leave Your Paw Print (LYPP) volunteer shirt
  • OCE Exclusive Swag
  • Certificate of Achievement


Did you Do Good? Submit your hours now! 

Submit Your Volunteer Hours Here!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered volunteering?

Volunteer service can mean different things to different people. In order to avoid confusion, the Do Good Award defines volunteer as a non-paid service that benefits the community at large. Some people also use the words contributing to the public good, which essentially means the same thing. Our campus has received the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement, and this is Carnegie's definition of volunteer service. 

Where can I include my club/greek group hours?

The Do Good award is recognizing individual hours in order to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions and limitations. However, if you happened to volunteer with your group - that is ok! Everyone just needs to submit their own hours individually to be recognized. 

I have submitted hours, what's next?

We recommend that you submit your volunteer hours as you volunteer, which will make it easier to remember if you submitted or not. However, you do have until the deadline to submit hours, but keep in mind that OCE still has to review the hours submitted and if you submit it early it gives us time to ask you any follow up questions without delay.

Also, the time you submit to the time the hours are reviewed can vary. Due to limited staff and other staff commitments, it can take some time for the review process to occur. You will know your hours were reviewed when you receive a follow-up email with approval/decline message. Please check your email, if there are additional questions it will be asked via email.  

Once the deadline passes, OCE will do a final review for the semester and you will receive an email letting you know your Do Good status.

Do I need to provide supervisor information?

No, the Do Good award does not require a supervisor's name/supervisor email to submit your hours. We use the honor system. If you say you volunteered, we believe you. We do review all hours submitted and if something does not seem right or we need additional clarification during the review we will leave a comment on your submission or send you an email. 

Does on-campus volunteer opportunities count towards the Do Good Award?

yes and no - this is a tricky area. Yes, SOME volunteer opportunities count towards the definition used of volunteering for the Do Good award and there are also some events that DO NOT count.  The Do Good award is recognizing the volunteer work that is being done in the community that benefits the greater community. There are community events that take place at CSUSB as a location site that are community events - for example, Pow Wow, 5k events (Walk to Remember, LifeStream Walk, CASA 5k Hero Walk, Multicultural Book and Family Festival...etc to name a few).

However, events such as CSUSB commencement (graduation ceremony), Pinning Ceremony, Club/Org Fair, Club/Org meetings, English Conversation Partner Program..etc DO NOT count towards the Do Good award.

If you are not sure if something counts or not, please contact OCE via email at for assistance. 

Why are no late submissions accepted after the deadline?

To be fair to all participants, no late submissions are accepted. The Do Good award is available for the entire semester, meaning everyone has the opportunity to participate and submit hours during this time frame. The deadline also takes into consideration the processing and review period that is needed for all submissions as well as providing adequate time for award packets to be ordered and assembled for timely distribution. 

If you have any questions, please email 


Additional Information 


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