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Whether you’ve had a mentor or are a mentor we all have stories to share! What better way to share those stories than to connect with others using our mentoring platform, The Coyote Network. Powered by CSUSB Alumni office, Coyote Network allows you connect with those who can help you leverage the power of the Coyote Community. Features include:

Coyote Network features over 1000 alumni who are eager to connect! Here are just a few great ones you could connect with.

Jeffrey Lehmkuhl

USAF Officer/HH-60G Evaluator Pilot/ Regional Airline First Officer

BA, Business Administration, Class of 2005

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Anthony Stijepovic

Communications and Outreach Specialist at California High-Speed Rail Authority

BA , Public Administration, Class of 2020

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Dr. Amber D. Gray

CEO, Educator, and Behavioral Healthcare Consultant

MA in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

Picture of Dr. Amber D. Gray


Yvonne Graham-Jackson

Senior Manager Learning & Leadership Development at Ceridian

BA in Psychology

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Nathonas Duro

Assistant Sales Manager, Compass

BA in Sociology, Class of 2010

Picture of Nathonas Duro


Sanjib Chattopadhyay

ERP Enabled Finance Transformation Lead, PMP

Master’s in Business Administration

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Israel Igualate

Deputy Director of Speechwriting at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

MA in National Security Policy Studies

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Syed Zaidi, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Accounting at Louisiana State University

Master of Business Administration, Accounting

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Bethany Tasaka

Interim Dean of the Mathematics, Business and Computer Technology at San Bernardino Valley College

MA in Mathematics

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Prince Baggett

President of Film (Head of Film) at Confluential Films

Master of Business Administration, Class of 2005

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David Quiroz

Deputy Director, Department of Aging and Adult Services for San Bernardino County

Master of Business Administration, Class of 2010

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Class of 2005

Picture of David Quiroz