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All faculty, staff, and students at the CSUSB are able to access VRC Image Collection both on campus and at home.

This is a continually growing database of images which are suitable for many disciplines in the humanities.  integration with Blackboard, PowerPoint compatibility.....

The MediaViewer is used primarily in mediated classrooms to display slideshows (groups of ordered images). It features intuitive zoom and pan controls, intelligent navigation, image caching, catalog data display, and support for dual monitors. 

Introduction to VRC collection

Introduction to the VRC Image Collection

Search Photos

How to search the Image database


The faculty can build and manage their own personal digital image collection within the database as well. This system allows you to select images and present them in a digital “slide show” online or offline. You can upload your own personal images to the database as well. You can download the presentation as PowerPoint file.

You can create slide shows of new material, make a “Print View”, save it as a PDF, then send it to students to show the new images you want them to study.

Building Presentation

Building Presentation

Adding material

Add images to the presentation

Editing presentation

Editing the presentation

Sharing presentation

Sharing the presentation to the students