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Steps of Chartering

Chartering Registration for new and existing student organizations will open in April 2023 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Step #1:

Schedule a meeting with Amber Moreno, Student Engagement Coordinator for Clubs and Organizations, for confirmation that your proposed student club/organization has not been chartered in the past.

*Note: If an organization similar to the one you propose to register already exists, it may be better to re-register that organization than to create a new one. Further questions can be directed to Amber Moreno via email at or you may click the blue button bellow to view her calendly.

Schedule a Meet with Amber

  • To register a new student club/organization, you will need to gather the following:
  • Three Executive Officers (President, Vice President, and Treasurer)
  • Two general members (Members #4 and #5)
  • One University Advisor (Faculty or Staff Member)
  • A Constitution for your organization

Step #2:

Complete the Charter Registration form on Coyote Connection (includes General Information, Club/Organization Roster, Trust Fund Fact Sheet Info, Executive Officer and Member #4 and #5 information). 

*Note: It is recommended that the President of the Organization submit the Charter Registration Application. 

Executive Officers must meet Officer Eligibility requirements:

  • Undergraduate:
    • 2.15 Cumulative & Semester GPA
    • Currently enrolled in a minimum of 6 units at CSUSB
    • Less than 180 Units
  • Graduate:
    • 3.0 Cumulative & Semester GPA
    • Currently enrolled in a minimum of 3 units at CSUSB
  • In good Standing with CSUSB

To Access Application: Login to Coyote Connection >>> Organizations Tab >>> Register an Organization >>>> "Register a New Organization" 

Register on Coyote Connection

Step #3: 

All Executive Officers must complete a University Campus Banking Training and Orientation with the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (OSLE). Trainings and Orientations will be communicated via the OSLE Homepage, Coyote Connection, and through email.

*EMS access for students will only be granted once the Chartering Process is COMPLETE 

Officer Orientation and Club Banking Training Schedule

Step #4: 

Virtually turn in Trust Fund Fact Sheet signed by the President, Vice President, & Treasurer once it is sent to you by the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (We will e-mail this to you once Steps 1-2 are completed!)

Step #5: 

Complete your online Title IX Training to End Sexual Violence by the date commmunicated by the Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance. Due dates are communicated via email. For updates on when training is due, frequently check in with the Insitutional Equity website:

*Note: Official Charters will be granted once the President, Vice President, and Treasurer have complete this University mandated training. 

Institutional Equity & Compliance Website

Chartering Resources

Constitution (Sample)

Club Roster Template 

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement at (909) 537-5234 or at