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Steps of Chartering

Chartering Registration for new and existing student organizations is now open for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Step #1:

Schedule a meeting with Amber Vargas, Student Engagement Coordinator for Clubs and Organizations, for confirmation that your proposed student club/organization has not been chartered in the past.

*Note: If an organization similar to the one you propose to register already exists, it may be better to re-register that organization than to create a new one. Further questions can be directed to Amber Moreno via email at or you may click the blue button below to view her calendly.

Schedule a Meeting with Amber

To register a new student club/organization, you will need to gather the following:

  • Three Executive Officers (President, Vice President, and Treasurer)
  • Two general members (Members #4 and #5)
  • One University Advisor (CSUSB Faculty or Staff Member)
  • A Constitution for your organization

Step #2:

Complete the Chartering Registration/Re-Registration form on Coyote Connection (includes General Information, Club/Organization Roster, Constitution and bylaws, Trust Fund Fact Sheet information, Executive Officer and Member #4 and #5 information, Advisor information). 

Please Note the following:

  • It is recommended that the President of the Organization submit the Chartering Registration Application. 
  • It is mandatory that student club/organizations records are updated each year.
  • Club/Organizations rosters MUST be in Excel format, NO exceptions.

Executive Officers must meet the following Officer Eligibility requirements:

  • Undergraduate:
    • 2.2 Cumulative & Semester GPA
    • Currently enrolled in a minimum of 6 units at CSUSB
    • Less than 180 Units
  • Graduate:
    • 3.0 Cumulative & Semester GPA
    • Currently enrolled in a minimum of 3 units at CSUSB
  • In good Standing with CSUSB

To Access Application: Login to Coyote Connection >>> Organizations Tab >>> Register an Organization >>>> "Register a New Organization" 

Register on Coyote Connection

Step #3: 

All Executive Officers will be enrolled in a mandatory CORE Officer Canvas Training. Officers must complete the course with a minimum grade of 80% and receive the minimum grade of 80% on all assignments/quizzes. Only officers that were included on the Chartering Application will be assigned the Canvas course.

The CORE Officer Canvas Training will cover the following:

  • Office of Student Leadership and Engagement
  • Chartered Organizations
  • Coyote Connection
  • Event Check-in
  • Event Submission and Approval Process
    • Event Management System (EMS)
    • SMSU Scheduling
    • Special Events and Guest Services (SEGS)
    • Coyote Connection
    • Food Notification Form

Your club will NOT be chartered if ANY of the officers do not complete the CORE Officer Canvas Training by September 6th, 2024.

Step #4:

All Executive Officers must complete an in-person CORE Officer Leadership Training with the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (OSLE). There will be a total of 6 days scheduled for training. Trainings and Orientations will be communicated via the OSLE Homepage, Coyote Connection, and through email.

The CORE Officer Leadership Training will cover the following:

  • Campus Banking Training
    • The Trust Fund Fact Sheet will be signed in order to gain access to the club campus account.
  • ASI CAB Funding Training

CORE Officer Orientation Dates:

Monday, July 15th COE 241

Tuesday, July 16th COE 241

Wednesday, July 31st COE 117

Friday, August 9th COE 241

Thursday, August 15th COE 241

September, Saturday 5th COE 241


Monday, August 5th RG 309

Coyote Connection Core Officer Orientation dates

*EMS access for students will only be granted once the Chartering Process is COMPLETE 

Officer Orientation and Club Banking Training Schedule

Step #5:

Complete your online Title IX Training to End Sexual Violence by the date communicated by the Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance. Due dates are communicated via email. For updates on when training is due, frequently check in with the Institutional Equity website:

*Note: Official Charters will be granted once the President, Vice President, and Treasurer have complete this University mandated training. 

Institutional Equity & Compliance Website

Step #6: 

Advisor Training: 

All club/organization advisors are required to take the Advisor Training. This training provides an overview of the advisors role and responsibilities, resources, protocols, recommendations, and policies/procedures. 

Advisor Authorization Form:

Advisors must sign the Advisor Authorization Form each academic year. Using the information provided on the Chartering Application, the Student Engagement Coordinator will send the form to the advisor via Adobe-Sign. 

Chartering Resources

Constitution (Sample)

Club Roster Template 

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement at (909) 537-5234 or at