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ASI & SMSU Graphics and Advertising

Associated Students, Inc. Graphics  

ASI Graphics provides free and discounted services to student organizations. Student organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the following services:

  • Two free hours of graphic design consultation, including but not limited to: flyer, brochure, poster, ticket, T-shirt, logos or invitation design.
  • A discount for duplicating at CSUSB Printing Services if approved for CAB Funding.

For more information go to the ASI office located in SUN-3304, contact  909-537-5932, or email

All flyers, posters, and banners posted in the Student Union must be approved by Student Union Main Desk.


Flyers and Posters

Student organizations may have announcements, posters, and notices posted on general purpose bulletin boards throughout the Student Union. Posted materials must include the sponsor’s name, reflect good taste, and be no larger than 11” x 17”. Materials for posting must be approved by the Scheduling Coordinator or designee. Materials are limited to a two week posting time, and will be dated, stamped “approved”, posted, and cleared from the bulletin boards by Student Union staff. Duplicate postings on the same board are subject to removal at any time. Materials posted on windows, doors, walls, pillars, or other unauthorized areas will be removed. Student organizations in repeated violation of this policy will be referred to the OSLE Office and posting privileges may be revoked.


Requests for placement of banners on interior beams must be approved by the SMSU Executive Director or designee. Requests for placement of banners on balconies or exterior beams must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee. Banner space is usually available for a maximum of one week on a first-come, first-served basis and may be reserved at the main desk. Banners will be put up and removed by SMSU personnel. Banners must meet the following requirements:

  1. The subject matter of banners must relate to events or topics which are of broad general interest and importance to the campus community, and is restricted to promotion of current or upcoming events and services.
  2. Banners cannot exceed 5’ x 10’ in size.
  3. Banners must include the name of the sponsoring organization.
  4. Banners hung from balconies must be made of vinyl or cloth with paint or ink that does not bleed or run and must be affixed to the railing with strong twine in a secure manner which does not damage railings or paint.

Display Cases

Recognized student organizations may use the display case and portable display cases by reserving the space at the Scheduling Office. Student organizations may reserve one of the large display cases for a two week period once per academic year. Portable display cases may be reserved for a two week period once each quarter. Materials not removed at the end of the reservation period will be removed and disposed of by Student Union staff. Student organizations may not reserve the main display case in SMSU lobby and the outside display case.

Coyote Connection Digital Advertising

Throughout the SMSU are several large display monitors used to advertise student events. The use of these monitors is offered for advertising to On-Campus Entities, Chartered Clubs & Organizations.

File Specifications

  • File Extension - .jpg file extension
  • Dimensions - 900 pixels by 550 pixels
  • Resolution - 72ppi

If you need assistance in creating your advertisements or fitting them to our system specifications, contact the SMSU Marketing Department or the ASI Graphics Department for assistance (charges may apply). 

SMSU Ad Rates
Affiliation Weekly Monthly Quarterly
Student Organization $10.00 $30.00 $85.00
University Department $25.00 $95.00


External Organization $50.00 $180.00 $500.00
  • Please allow 2 business days for your artwork to appear on screen in order to process payment and to upload file.
  • 1 week = 7 consecutive days
  • 1 month = 4 consecutive weeks
  • 1 quarter = 11 consecutive weeks
  • All ads submitted will be charged separate fees regardless of start and end time.
  • Ads rotate every 15 seconds
  • Number of views by user will vary based on the number of ads submitted.