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General FAQs

Where are the Free Speech areas on campus?

  1. CSUSB currently has 4 areas on campus that are designated for Free Speech. For a campus map with the outlined designated areas please call 909-537-5234, email us at , or stop by Office of Student Engagement SMSU 203.
  2. For further information on the official Speech and Advocacy Policy FAQs.

Does Office of Student Engagement sponsor any events on campus?

We sponsor and co-sponsor a variety of events here at CSUSB such as: 

  • Annual Club Conference 
  • Quarterly campus wide BBQs
  • Club fairs 
  • Harvestfest  
  • Noodles in November 
  • Coyote FEST
  • Student Organization Awards Receptions

If you have any questions in regard to events, please contact 

Is this the SOAR Office?

The SOAR Office, officially known as Orientation and First Year Experience (OFYE) is located in SMSU 204 which is directly next door to Office of Student Engagement. Find more information about OFYE or the SOAR Orientation Program.

What do Office of Student Engagement staff members do?

The staff members of Office of Student Engagement are here to coordinate and facilitate programs, events, and workshops for the students and campus community. This includes planning large scale events, club fairs, student leader skill building workshops, and required student organization campus policy training. The staff advises and provides support to clubs and organizations, fraternities and sororities, as well as Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS), Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), and Hispanic Latino Council here at CSUSB.

What is the difference between Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and Office of Community Engagement (OCE)?

  1. Office of Student Engagement provides social and co-curricular programs for student involvement and to enhance the students overall experience here at CSUSB. Office of Community Engagement provides service and volunteer based learning opportunities for students', faculty, and staff here on campus and within the surrounding community of CSUSB.
  2. For more information, please visit the Office of Community Engagement (OCE) website

How can I advertise on campus?

  1. Office of Student Engagement oversees 58 bulletin boards throughout campus for the purpose of advertisement. Postings must be approved at the Office Student Engagement front desk. Postings should explain who, what, where, and when, and provide adequate contact information. Posting size cannot be greater than 11” x17”. Please bring your hard copy postings in to Office of Student Engagement for approval. Please do not advertise any drugs, alcohol, or illicit content. (CSUSB Departments and chartered student clubs and organizations do not need prior OSE approval.)
  2. For further information about the right to post at CSUSB please see the official Speech and Advocacy Policy

Club FAQs

Can we have a food sale to raise funds for my student organization?

  1. If your food sale is taking place inside of the Santos Manuel Student Union you will need to fill out a space reservation with SMSU Scheduling Office SMSU 223 (Questions? Please call 909-537-5962).
  2. For sales anywhere else on campus you will need to fill out a space reservation with Special Events and Guest Services CO-107.

What if my student organization has a new officer(s)?

How can my student organization reserve space on campus?

  1. If your club would like to reserve space inside the Santos Manuel Student Union you will need to work with SMSU Scheduling Services Office in SMSU 223. (Questions? Please call 909-537-5962).
  2. To reserve space anywhere else on campus you will need to work with Special Events and Guest Services in CO-107. (Questions? Please call 909-537-7360). Keep in mind that forms will need to be signed by one of the student organization’s financially responsible officers and a staff member from Office of Student Engagement.

How can I check the status of my charter?

If you contact or stop by the Office of Student Engagement, we can tell you exactly where you are in the process and if there is anything that you are missing. (Phone: 909-537-5234 or SMSU 203).

Where can I find a list of the student organizations at CSUSB?

You can log onto CoyoteConnection ( with you MyCoyote ID and search all of our organizations!

CSUSB Food Sales / Service on Campus

Please take a moment to read the CSUSB Food Sales / Service on Campus Form. All food sale requests must be processed through Environmental Health and Safety (EH& S). Please follow the link to request approval of for your food sale. 

How do I start a new club on campus?

Check out our “Manage Your Organization” page!
All organizations must have three financially responsible officers (President, Vice President, & Treasurer) that meet our 2.5 GPA for each quarter and cumulatively as well as be enrolled for the upcoming Quarter. You will also need two additional matriculated members, however their GPA is not a factor and they are not financially responsible. Lastly, you must have an advisor that works at CSUSB as full-time (Auxiliary departments do not count).