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San Bernardino Residential Community FAQs

The following guidelines and tips are consistent with the educational role of the University, the rights and needs of all residents, standards of common courtesy, and are directed toward encouraging and maintaining positive neighbor relationships.

Protocol for Complaints

  1. In recognition of students choosing to live in the surrounding community, any concerns regarding their efforts to be good stewards of community standards and civically responsible adults should first be directed to the students themselves. This allows for a more direct understanding of the expectations and suggestions of living within a residential community. Direct contact information should be exchanged so immediate concerns can be addressed. When complaints involve a rental property, it is also suggested to involve the property owner in all correspondence.
  2. Once it is deemed students are disregarding said expectations, neighbors are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Engagement or file an online report. At which time, the fraternity and sorority advisor will meet with the leadership of the organization to raise further awareness of the issue and consult on strategies to alleviate the concerns.
  3. In the event of a more immediate concern, the neighbor is encouraged to contact the CSUSB Police Department (UPD) for response. When responding, UPD will issue a report directly to the campus administration that will warrant a meeting with chapter leadership as described in point two. Please note that neighbors should identity when calling UPD that the complaint is regarding a residence with fraternity/sorority members to ensure they are not redirected to San Bernardino Police Department.
  4. Upon continued concerns, the neighbors’ complaints will be reviewed through a community judicial process. This process is advised directly by CSUSB staff and allows for a procedural process of determining corrective actions that will alleviate concerns. The board will make suggestions to the campus administration for final approval and can include a range of sanctions from a warning to recommendation for revocation of campus recognition. All sanctions are designed to be educational as well as punitive when warranted.

In the event that you have concerns or positive feedback, please contact any of the following CSUSB staff that work with our fraternity and sorority community.

Jackie Varela 

Fraternity and Sorority Advisor

(909) 537-5234  

CSUSB University Police

(909) 537-5165 dispatch or (909)537-7777 non-emergency

Report A Concern

  • Reports can be made regarding a CSUSB fraternity of sorority via online submission by this link (
  • This referral goes directly to the Office of Student Engagement. Once received a member of the OSE staff will contact you, if you have provided your contact information, regarding you concern.  

Good Neighbor Guidelines & Tips