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Important Deadlines


Last Day to Re-Register a Student Club/Organization - September 1, 2023

Last day for returning student clubs & organizations to complete their registration application will be September 1st, 2023. No exceptions will be made. 

To register your organization:

  1. Log-in to Coyote Connection
  2. Navigate to the Organizations Tab
  3. Select "Register an Organization"
  4. If re-registering, search for your organization
  5. If creating new club, select "Register New Club"

Last Day to Register a NEW Student Club/Organization - March 1st, 2024

Mandatory Title IX Training to End Sexual Violence - Communicated during Fall 2024

Students must fulfill the mandatory Training to End Sexual Violence, as required by state and federal mandates and Executive Order 1095 (Revised 12-24-2021) and Executive Order 1097 (Revised 12-24-2022) Once per Academic Year, during FALL term. 

Failure to complete the Training by the deadline will result in a Registration Hold for the following term, or subsequent terms, until it's completed.