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Benefits of Engagement

Student engagement is a critical aspect of the collegiate experience. The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement encourages safe, positive, and inclusive opportunities for students to experience involvement and engagement during their time at CSUSB.   While involvement is critical to a student’s undergraduate journey, OSLE challenges all students to find significant engagement opportunities on and off campus, which add to a deeper learning experience. Engagement in various student initiated communities, OSLE programs, or other campus engagement activities lead to personal development, leadership development, and enhance the overall college experience.

The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement serves as a conduit in which students are engaged in various ways. OSLE engages students through large scale programs and activities that encourage students to explore involvement and participate in fun, safe experiences.  OSLE also supports students through the advising of students engaged in clubs and organizations, fraternities and sororities, and the National Student Exchange.  Finally, OSLE engages students through providing leadership development opportunities and connecting students with other campus engagement experiences that assist students in developing as civically minded leaders. 

Engagement:  Participation in educationally effective practices, both inside and outside the classroom, which leads to a range of measurable outcomes (persistence, satisfaction, learning, and graduation)

Involvement:  Amount of physical and psychological energy that a student devotes to the academic experience

Benefits of Engagement: 

  • Learning with peers
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Making friends
  • Learning life skills
  • Higher grade point averages
  • Learning inclusive practices
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Having fun
  • Enhancing your collegiate experience