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Campus Digital Advertising

Electronic Marquee  


Notices on the electronic marquee must appeal to the entire campus community and are approved and scheduled through the Event Scheduling Office. Organizations wanting to utilize the marquee to advertise on-campus events must complete and submit a Marquee Request Form at least 10 working days in advance. Request for the marquee will only be approved if the scheduled event has been confirmed.

Organizations who have been approved for marquee use must contact the Event Scheduling Office immediately with event changes or cancellations. Due to space limitations, Event Scheduling reserves the right to revise, prioritize, and/or omit messages.

For information, please contact the Special Events and Guest Services at (909) 537-5236.

Coyote Chronicle

All clubs and organizations are encouraged to use the campus newspaper to promote their events. Articles must be typed, double-spaced, proof-read, and submitted 10 days prior to the issue date. The Coyote Chronicle does not offer free advertising services to student clubs and organizations; however, they do provide low on-campus rates for on-campus advertising.

For information on pricing and availability, please contact the Coyote Chronicle at (909) 537-5289.

Coyote Advertising

Coyote Advertising is a full-service advertising agency located at CSUSB. They specialize in on-campus media planning and placement and offer a full-range of media products and professional advertising services to our campus and surrounding community.

Services include:

  • Video Production Services (TV commercials and promotional videos)
  • Audio Production Services (Radio commercials and other audio recordings)
  • Creative/Copywriting  Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Media Planning and Placement - Buying Services

For information, please contact Coyote Radio & Advertising  (909) 537-3486.

Coyote Radio

Coyote Radio is an internet-based radio station broadcasting live 24/7 from the CSUSB campus. Student organizations are encouraged to utilize Coyote Radio as a means to promote upcoming events, increase club awareness and reach out to the student body and community.

  • Great promotional opportunities are available right now on Coyote Radio.
  • Discounted pricing for CSUSB clubs and organizations.
  • Professional commercials created in our state of the art audio production studios.
  • Listen to Coyote Radio on the internet, local cable TV, and iTunes.

For information, please contact Coyote Radio & Advertising  (909) 537-3486.

Coyote Television

Coyote TV is the home of CSUSB Athletics and MyCSUSB educational programs, featuring discussions on Academics, Athletics, and Student Life. Coyote TV is broadcast on local cable television via Time Warner Cable, Charter Cable, Verizon Fios, and AT&T U-Verse.

  • Great promotional opportunities are available right now on Coyote TV.
  • Discounted pricing for CSUSB clubs and organizations.
  • Reach a potential audience of over 60,000 households in our local community.
  • A great way to improve the image of your club or organization in the local community.

For information on Coyote Advertising, Coyote Mobile, Coyote Radio and Coyote Television’s pricing and availability, please contact Coyote Advertising at (909) 537-3486 or visit

Working with CSUSB Office of Strategic Communication

The Public Affairs Office is available to assist in developing news releases and “media pitches” for  campus events that have community appeal to local newspapers, radio, and cable television. Remember that your news release should be about current or upcoming news, so its preparation and submittal to the Public Affairs Office should be at least 3-4 weeks prior to the news event if possible. To start the news release process, visit the “Do-It-Yourself News Release Forms”. For more information, visit

For information, please contact the Office of Strategic Communication (909) 537-5007.

Student Organization Logo Usage

Student organizations (i.e. student clubs, Greek organizations) are not required to use the university identity or logo.

Students wanting to align their groups with the university identity are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Public Affairs for consultation and more information.

If organizations would like to use the university’s identity, they must request and receive written permission from the Office of Public Affairs. If permission is granted, the identity cannot be modified in any way. Design elements of the identity are not allowed to be extracted and used in designs. For instance, the mountain icon cannot be taken from the logo and used as a design element or used to create an organization’s logo.

Logo usage evaluation is based on the goals and missions the organization has in place. If they are consistent with the university goals and missions, that will increase the likelihood of approval.

All university logo usage must be approved by the Office of Public Affairs. For approval contact the Office of Public Affairs at (909) 537-5007 or email For updated information visit