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Coyote Learning Circle

The Coyote Learning Circle is intended to promote your professional and personal development at CSUSB through community learning and discussion that is relevant to areas of growth. You will be exposed to a variety of resources that emphasize opportunities for growth like communication, interpersonal relationships, diversity & inclusion, and leadership development.

Each month throughout the year we will launch a circle featuring a new topic for discussion.  Bring your lunch and come prepared to learn, grow, and discuss professional development topics with fellow colleagues.

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2022 Schedule

Professional Troublemaker Book Cover

Professional Troublemaker

Thursday, December 8, 2022 (1:00pm-2:00pm) 

Facilitator: LeSondra M. Jones, M.A., College of Extended and Global Education - Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)


We often use labels or are labeled as a professional or troublemaker in the workplace and our personal circles. 

Join us in unpacking the book titled, Professional Troublemaker, considered a manual on "How to Human" by the New York Times. Our facilitator LeSondra M. Jones, M.A. will guide participants through strategies on how to apply the Fear-Fighter Manual to their authentic selves by lending courage, not fear. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to create their own Oriki. Books (optional) may be purchased via Amazon or Audible.

2021 Schedule

2021 Program Schedule
Topic Date Details
Just Ask! Diving into Humble Inquiry, the gentle art of asking instead of telling (Part III) 1/26/21 View January Flyer
Black History Month 2/23/21 View February Flyer
Rethinking Time Management 3/30/21 View March Flyer

2020 Schedule

2020 Program Schedule
Topic Date Details
How to Multiply Your Time 1/14/20 View January Flyer
Black History Month: The African-American Experience 2/5/20 View February Flyer
Women's History Month: The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get 3/10/20 View March Flyer
Personality and Its Link to Motivation 4/7/20 View April Flyer
Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month 5/12/20 View May Flyer
Break the Ice!  7/28/20 View July Flyer
Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager 8/25/20 View August Flyer
Worth the Investment: A Conversation On & Celebration of Professional Development 9/29/20 View September Flyer
Spark Your Creativity: Breakout of Your Box and Nurture Your Inner Artist 10/29/2020 View October Flyer
Just Ask! Diving into Humble Inquiry (Part I) 11/24/2020 View November Flyer
Just Ask! Diving into Humble Inquiry (Part II) 12/8/20 View December Flyer

2019 Schedule

2019 Program Schedule
Topic Date Details
The Power of Habit (TED Talk) 1/15/2019 View "Habit" Flyer
Black History Month: The Danger of A Single Story (TED Talk) 2/19/2019 View "Single Story" Flyer
Women's History Month: So We Leaned In, Now What? (TED Talk) 3/12/2019 View "Lean In" Flyer
Difficult Conversations (TED Talk) 4/16/2019 View "Difficult Conversations" Flyer
Asian Pacific American Month: Understanding the Model Minority (Discussion & Presentation) 5/14/2019 View "Model Minority" Flyer
Pride Month: Gender Pronouns (TED Talk) 6/11/2019 View "Gender Pronouns" Flyer
How to Navigate Narcissism in the Workplace (CSU's Got Talent Webinar) 7/9/2019 Flyer Not Available
Sponsorship: How to Find the Person Who Can Help You Get Ahead at Work (TED Talk) 8/13/2019 View "Sponsorship" Flyer
LatinX Heritage Month (TED Talk) 9/10/2019 View "LatinX" Flyer
Advocating for Yourself in the Workplace (Discussion & Presentation) 10/8/2019 View "Self-Advocacy" Flyer
National Native American Heritage Month (Discussion & Presentation) 11/5/2019 View "Native American Heritage" Flyer
100 Days of Rejection (TED Talk) 12/10/19 Flyer Not Available