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Accept your Admission

Congratulations on your admission to CSUSB!

The Faculty, Staff and Administration at California State University San Bernardino are thrilled to welcome you to the Coyote family and congratulate you on your outstanding educational accomplishments.

Your offer of admission is the first step in your Coyote journey. You must complete all of the next steps, including submitting final documents, committing to CSUSB by paying your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit and attending your orientation program.

In order to secure your spot for enrollment all students must both Accept their Offer of Admission to CSUSB and Make the $100 Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD). Both steps must be completed through your myCoyote account on or before the deadline.

  • Fall ECD deadline: May 1st
  • Spring ECD deadline: November 30th
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Accepting your Offer of Admission

All incoming students are required to both formally Accept their Offer of Admission to CSUSB and make the $100 Enrollment Confirmation Deposit in order to secure their spot for enrollment. Students can notify CSUSB if the wish to Accept their Offer or if they wish to Decline their offer inside their myCoyote account.

Log into your myCoyote account and click on the My Tasks tile. After that, click on the Accept/Decline Admissions tile. You will now be able to officially Accept or Decline your Offer of Admission to CSUSB. 

Use this How to Guide for instructions on Accepting your Offer of Admission to CSUSB. 

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Making your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit

Accepting your Admission and securing your spot for enrollment is a two step process. After you have formally Accepted your Admission through your myCoyote account you will also need to make your $100 Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD).

The ECD is a deposit that will be placed in your student account and be applied towards your tuition and fees for your start term. If for any reason you do not attend CSUSB, the ECD is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please make the deposit only if you are intending to attend CSUSB.

Use this How to Guide for instructions on making the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit.

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch How to Accept/Decline Admission Guide YouTube Video</a>


Need Additional Help?

Try this instructional video on both Accepting your Offer of Admission to CSUSB and making your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit. 

Accepting your Offer and making your ECD is just one step in your Coyote journey. You must complete all of the next steps, including submitting final documents, attending your orientation program and registering for courses.

Review the Next Steps to find out what else you will need to do to join the Coyote Pack.

If you have any questions regarding admissions, or would like to speak to an admissions representative, please call (909) 537-5188 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Stay on track, stay connected, complete your next steps for enrollment. Once again, congratulations and welcome to the CSUSB family!