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CITI Training Website for IACUC

Provided by CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative)

Login at: New Human Subjects Research

Note: The first time you log-on you will need to register as a new user.  You must do this from a campus computer so that CITI recognizes that you belong to the university.

Student researchers should take the following courses:

  • Basic Course: "Working with the IACUC" for Investigator, Students and staff
  • Working with Animals in Biomedical Research – Refresher Course

and a specialized course depending on species

  • Working with Amphibians in a Research Setting
  • Working with Mice in Research Settings
  • Working with Rats in Research Settings

If they will be doing surgery, the following course is useful:

  • Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research: Reducing Pain and Distress