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Intellectual Property

Step by Step Guide to Obtaining, Patenting, Transfering & Commercializing Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Step 1: Decide What You Have

A member of the Faculty, Staff or Student determines that she or he may be developing or have already developed an INVENTION, DISCOVERY OR INNOVATION that could be patented or commercialized.

Step 2: Submit, IDF

To the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) . Patent Invention Disclosure Form (link to pdf).

Step 3: Office of Academic Research Review

The Office of Academic Research collects preliminary information for review by the Patent Board or Intellectual Property Committee.

Step 4:  Patent Board Review

Reviews information to determine: (1) if the University has provided Extraordinary Resources or will in the future; (2)  if the Invention has strong potential to receive a patent or to be commercialized; and (3) if the University has an Equity Interest.

Step 5: The Provost Decides The Next Step

Based on the Patent Board’s recommendation, the Provost decides whether or not to have the University OR Foundation take further action, such as making an application for a patent or providing support for commercialization.

Step 6: Agreement With The University

If the University determines it has an Equity Interest and/or it decides to provide more financial support on your behalf, then you either negotiate a separate agreement or assume a Default Agreement.

Step 7-- Choose One of Three Options:

Track A

Option 1- If The Univeristy Has Equity Interests and Provides More Support

University Equity Interest & Continued Support - Seek Patent Protection

  • Seek Patent Protection with University Support
  • Further Develop, Transfer or Commercialize Invention
  • Repay University Equity Interest from Gross Income
  • Split Net Profits 50/50 or by other pre-determined Formula

Option 2- If The University Has Equity Interest But Provides No Additional Report

University Equity But No More Support

Creator/Inventor proceeds on own behalf with obligation to repay University from first gross income.

After repaying, you go forward on your own.

Option 3– If The Universityh Has No Equity Claim or Future Interest


No University Claims - Go Forth & Prosper

Creator/Inventor goes forth, maybe takes on partners, accepts all the risks and (hopefully) prospers!



Intellectual Property Review Committee

  • Policy Interpretation
  • Dispute Resolution


TRACK B - Non-patentable IP, Intellectual property review committee, policy interpretation, dispute resolutions