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Sponsored Programs Administration


On March 20, 2020, the CSU Chancellor’s Office provided guidance to CSUSB and other CSU campuses based on recommendations from federal, state, and locate health officials regarding COVID-19. Based on the guidance, most CSUSB on-campus offices and services ceased and have moved to working remotely to ensure continuity of services. If you need to reach the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), please contact and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate party. If you need further CSUSB contact information, please refer to the CSUSB Directory to locate their email address.

Welcome to Sponsored Programs Administration

The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (commonly referred to as SPA) is a department within CSUSB's Office of Academic Research, SPA is the Post Award Administration that provides support and assistance on the administration, compliance, and fiscal management of grants/contracts, cooperative agreements, and subcontracts from federal, private, state and local sponsors after a proposal is submitted and once an award has been made. SPA is responsible for managing a multitude of sponsored project policy issues and processes of both financial and nonfinancial in nature.

SPA works closesly with faculy, project staff, various CSUSB Administration and Finance units, CSUSB Academic Colleges and departments, UEC Business Office, UEC HR, and UEC Payroll to ensure project success and compliance with terms and conditions of the funding agency, relevant laws and regulations, and UEC and CSUSB policies/procedures and CSU regulations.

Mission Statement:

"The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration supports and advances the University's mission by providing the highest standards of integrity, expertise, and compliance in research administration."

What we do:

SPA maintains central oversight of post award activities of all sponsored projects and serves two primary functions:

  1. Providing support and assistance PI/PD's on the administration, compliance and fiscal management of grants and contracts awarded from federal, state and local government and private funding agencies, while
  2. Ensuring that funds are expended in accordance with the terms and conditions of the funding agency, CSUSB, UEC, and CSU regulations