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Sexual Assault

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Filing A Police Report

We recommend a police report be made in all cases of sexual assault. Criminal complaints shall be documented on official police reports when reported to university police. Every complaint will be fully investigated and everything possible will be done to ensure that the university makes an appropriate response. According to Federal Crime Reporting Laws, all such crimes shall be made a part of the public university crime statistics and will appear in the Campus Safety Report published every September.

We also want you to report this to the campus Title IX Coordinator and we will work collaboratively with them. A campus administrative investigation may occur concurrently with a criminal investigation.

The university police will keep all information about a survivor confidential upon request. Remember that university police can only protect the university from threats they are aware of, so help protect everyone by reporting crimes of sexual assault to the university police.

If You Are Going To Make A Police Report

Reports should be made as soon as possible after the crime and should include date rape, acquaintance rape or any sexual assault on campus. These are serious crimes just as attacks from strangers.

The survivor should make every effort to preserve any physical evidence from the crime. This includes not showering or bathing after the attack until the survivor can be treated at a medical facility. Also not disposing of any damaged or soiled clothing or any other involved items until evidence can be collected. Any possible evidence should be maintained in a clean paper bag.

If You Are Not Going To Make A Police Report

Contact someone for help and support (Counseling Center, Title IX Coordinator, San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services, a friend)

Write down all the details of the assault (who, what, when, where, why and how) and keep them in case you wish to report the assault later.

Crime Prevention Programs

Rape Aggression Defense Program (RAD)

The Department of Public Safety in partnership with the Women's Resource Center, holds 15 hour physical training courses for women on escape and evasion from physical attack. The course includes a simulation phase where students put training into practice against protective suited aggressors. RAD is a nationally recognized course taught at many colleges. The Women's Resource Center will periodically offer a one or two day self-defense class for women.

Whistle Defense Program

This program is designed to create a whistle defense zone around the university and whistles are used for crime alerting. Participants agree to use the whistle only in the event of a police emergency and to call the police if a whistle is heard.

Police Escort Service

University police provides an escort service on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone requesting the service on campus. Student assistants equipped with police radios can walk a requester wherever they may need to go on campus. This service is available at any time.

Crime Prevention Training

University police can provide crime prevention training upon request in almost any areas of crime prevention, including rape prevention training. Training videos and brochures are available from the university police upon request.

For more information about the programs above, check out: