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Sex Offender Registration

Sex Registration at the University Police is by Appointment only.

Registration Duties on Campus

*Campus registration is a secondary registering agency. (Unless you live on campus) You must register with your local Law Enforcement Agency.

*You are to notify Campus Police when enrollment/employment STARTS and when it ENDS (within 5 working days)

Registration Timeline

*Beginning of term of enrollment – within 5 working days.

*Beginning of employment or as a volunteer on the campus – within 5 working days of being on campus.

*Living on campus – within 5 working days.

Re-Registration on Campus

*You do not need to re-register on your birthday or a new semester.

*You do not need to re-register if you move unless it’s on campus.

*You must re-register If you stop attending/working on campus and return.

  • For questions or to schedule an appointment to register with the University Police, please contact
  • Detective Herrington at 909-537-7591 or