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CAL Employee Connect (CEC)


We are happy to announce the State Controller’s Office (SCO) is providing access to Cal Employee Connect (CEC) and as a CSU San Bernardino employee, you can now register to use this secure self-service portal.

What is Cal Employee Connect (CEC)

CEC is a new and secure web-based employee self-service portal that is now available thru the SCO. It provides users with the ability to:

  • view Earnings Statements as of midnight on the issue date and up to 36 months prior;
  • view Earnings Statements in PDF format to save and print (if you are on direct deposit); and
  • view, download and print your W-2! (current year, plus three previous)

NOTE: CEC will not replace the paper Earnings Statements or W-2, so you will continue to receive these on a monthly/yearly basis.

How to Register

To get started, grab a recent paystub (or select a recent paycheck on View Paycheck in PeopleSoft) and go to

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to identify your department and Agency Code. Please select CSU, San Bernardino as the department and enter 222 for the Agency Code.

Follow the prompts to register using your email address. It is recommended by the SCO that a personal email is used in case of loss of access to your work email due to an employment status change.

Step by step directions on how to Register and use the site

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have issues logging in or forget your CEC User Name/Password, go to forgot username or forgot password feature. For further assistance or information about CEC, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found at or email