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Bachelor of Arts in Administration, Hospitality Management Concentration

The hospitality management degree is a concentration falls under the department of marketing in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration.

At the end of your coursework, you will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Administration with a concentration in Hospitality Management.

Hospitality Management Concentration (18 units)




The hospitality management minor (18 units) can be added to any declared major at CSUSB. No pre-requisites required.

At the end of your coursework, you will receive your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in your declared major, with a minor in Hospitality Management. More information about minors can be found here.

Learning Goals

1. Communicate effectively in written, spoken, visual and digital modes to different audiences (i.e. industry leaders, employers, employees, peers).

2. Analyze financial, marketing, and operational results and outcomes for hospitality operations.

3. Demonstrate effective and ethical management techniques including the implementation of the service profit chain in a diverse set of hospitality operations (hotel, F&B, gaming, meetings, events, etc.).

4. Design a sustainable practice for a hospitality business (hotel, F&B, gaming, meetings, events, etc.).

5. Develop an understanding of customer segments, customer service, and key marketing concepts across hospitality segments, and apply this knowledge to increase revenue and brand value while demonstrating an understanding of the ethics of marketing particular hospitality offerings (gambling and alcohol consumption).