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Online Processes:

  • ADDING A COURSE: If you are trying to add a course with open seating and you meet the requirements, please follow these instructions to add the course via MyCoyote. If there are issues with this process, email Lisa or Marina for assistance.
  • WAITLISTS: The Department of Marketing is still utilizing the online waitlist system as has been followed in the past. If you are in need of a class and there are currently no seats open, please be sure to get yourself added to the waitlist. After the first week of classes, the waitlist will no longer be active, and faculty may begin emailing the department to assist with adds. Email your instructor if you wish to be added to blackboard for the time being. 
  • OVERLOADING: If you are overloading, please fill out the virtual overload form in its entirety. Forward the document to the faculty member teaching the course.  If the instructor approves, the faculty member will notify the department by emailing Lisa or Marina. Someone in the Marketing team will review eligibility requirements before proceeding to forward to the department chair.

For any other requests, concerns, or questions please email Lisa Gordon ( AND Marina Kamel (


Can you imagine a world without your favorite car, your favorite ice cream, personal computer, smartphone or any other essential or desired product or service. That would be a world without MARKETING! Marketing establishes and maintains relationships and engaging with customers is what Marketers do every day. As consumers, you are involved with marketing everyday through the products and services you buy and use, the price you pay, where you purchase them from and the messages that resonate with you.

Creating customers means identifying needs in the marketplace, deciding on which needs the organization can profitability serve, and developing a product or service offering to turn potential buyers into satisfied customers. Marketers facilitate the exchange between buyers and sellers through strategic planning that is essential to a company's success.

Many CEO's of today's corporations come from Marketing backgrounds, so target your success here!


Career opportunities abound in Marketing and employers are looking for individuals with this background.  As well, employers are seeking individuals that have these skills: (from The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner, 2008, 2010, Basic Books: NY)

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration and team playing
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Accessing and analyzing information and data
  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability

Your marketing coursework will prepare you for your career with real-world client projects and experiences that will be challenging and fun, as well as, help you master the skills listed above.


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