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Sports & Entertainment Marketing

An Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Marketing

What constitutes the Sports & Entertainment industry?

  • The Sports and Entertainment industry fundamentally consists of services that can be consumed as either a participant or as a spectator, or both, but also involves many products related to the industry
  • It includes many different sectors:
    • From recreational youth sports all the way to major league sports both in stadium and on television or streamed online
    • From record labels to live concerts and festivals to streaming services like Pandora and Spotify
    • From movie and television studios and to movie theaters to cable and television networks, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube
    • From Fiesta Village to Six Flags, Disneyland, and Universal Studios
    • From Hulk toy hands to replica lightsabers and everything in between!

What is different about the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Concentration

  • Marketing is more than just advertising. It is an integral function in all organizations. It helps firms to inform, engage, and learn from consumers in order to satisfy the needs of consumers. Through the marketing function, companies build their brand and reputation, drive sales, and grow.
  • Students will learn general marketing knowledge and theories, but focus more on the aspects of marketing that are most relevant to the sports and entertainment industry, such as sponsorship, endorsements, licensing, pricing, operations, etc.
  • Students will gain first-hand experience planning, organizing, promoting, and operating sports and entertainment events through the two experiential learning courses required in the concentration (MTKG 5550 and MKTG 5500)
  • Students will develop marketing skills by working in teams to complete projects and activities.

What kind of job or career can I pursue?

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing jobs are expected to increase faster than average by 8% until 2028. Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers make a median of $135,900 per year, while market research analysts make a median of $63,790 per year. The highest 10% made more than $208,000 in 2019.
    • Marketing manager/specialist
    • Advertising manager/specialist
    • Corporate Sales (Licensing, Sponsorship, Endorsement)
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Social Media / Digital Marketing
    • Inside / Group Ticket Sales
    • Research Analyst / Data Analytics
    • Sports/entertainment agent
  • Working in the sports and entertainment industry is fun and exciting!
  • To browse existing job listings in the sports and event industry visit the following website:

What kind of organizations can I join?

What experiential learning, service learning, and research opportunities exist?

  • Yotie Entertainment:
    • CSUSB Coyotes of Comedy show (part of MKTG 5550)
    • CSUSB Spring Classic Golf Tournament (part of MTKG 5500)
    • CSUSB Night at the Inland Empire 66’ers (part of MKTG 5500)
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