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Cybersecurity Student Opportunities

Scholarship & Tuition Assistance Opportunities

The Cybersecurity Center at CSUSB offers students interested in federal, state, and local government employment three tuition assistance opportunities—the CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service, Space Systems Command Cyber Halo Innovation & Research Program, and the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Scholarship Program:

CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS)

The CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS) program at CSUSB started in 2009. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the SFS program assists students with tuition, books, and a monthly stipend. Upon graduation, these students must work in federal, state, local, or tribal government for two years (or equivalent to the length of the scholarship). Scholarships range from up to $50k for undergrads and up to $80k for graduates. To date, over 100 students have completed the program at CSUSB.

Cyber Halo Innovation & Research Program (CHIRP)

CHIRP is working with Space Systems Command (SSC), Universities/Colleges, and industry to hire students for positions in Network Security, Cyber Analysis, Incident Response, Cyber Policy, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. This 2-year tuition assistance program focuses on cyber research and development using tools and methods directly involving SSC. Graduates of this program gain the skills and techniques directly applicable to protecting the Nation’s space-borne assets.

Department of Defense Cybersecurity Scholarship Program (CySP)

The Department of Defense Cybersecurity Scholarship Program at CSUSB started in 2016. Reemerging from its origins in 2001 with the help of local Congressman Pete Aguilar, the program provides designated Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity (CAE in Cyber Defense, CAE in Operations, and CAE in Research) the opportunity to submit proposals to develop a grant-funded scholarship program. As a CAE in Cyber Defense, CSUSB can submit students for selection each year. Students selected to participate in the program receive assistance with tuition as well as a stipend (up to $25,000 for undergraduates and up to $34,000 for graduates) to cover room and board. To date, two students have completed the program at CSUSB.


Experience CSUSB’s new and expanding “Earn While You Learn” apprenticeship program to get connected with Inland Empire employers currently hiring cyber program students. Apprentices gain meaningful income and university credit toward cyber degrees for on-the-job-training:

Inland Empire Cybersecurity Initiative (IECI)

The Inland Empire Cybersecurity Initiative (IECI) apprenticeship program provides an opportunity for CSUSB cyber program students to gain state apprenticeship certification and employment with IECI industry partners while attaining their academic degree.


The Cybersecurity Center at CSUSB also offers students interested in enhancing their experience portfolio and research skills an opportunity to participate in a state-of-the-art research program competing on a national level:

Information Security Research & Education (INSuRE)

A project that began at Purdue University, Information Security Research and Education (INSuRE) is a network of national Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE-C) institutions that cooperate to engage students in solving applied cybersecurity research problems.

*The Master’s of Science in Cyber Analytics Online program is not eligible for scholarships through the Cybersecurity Center. The program is not affiliated with the CAE Designation requirements.