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Building the Relationship with Facebook

The center established our relationship with Facebook through our GenCyber Summer Camp—the premier program for teaching cyber education and awareness in K-12—in 2015. After learning about our program, our lab, and our students, Facebook approached CSUSB to participate in a new program called Facebook Cybersecurity University, a 12-week course exploring the top 10 application vulnerabilities from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and sponsored by Codepath.

Cybersecurity University at CSUSB

As one of seven institutions selected to participating in the program nationwide, Anastacia Webster and Yiran Wang, adjunct faculty at CSUSB, launched the program in the Spring of 2018. Since 2018, over 70 students participated in Facebook Cybersecurity University at CSUSB, and several students worked directly with Facebook as Technical Project Managers (TPMs) to assist instructors in the course. TPMs also assisted students in the class with topics like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Indirect Object Reference, and User Enumeration.

facebook spring 2018

The first group of students to take the Facebook Cybersecurity University at CSUSB in Spring 2018.

“I had no idea that I could learn such amazing material without being in school, and it has triggered my interest in game theory. All in all, the learning experience as a student seeing what professionals and experts are talking about was an unparalleled experience. Thank you to Facebook a million times!” -Nick Trezza

Scholarships Through Facebook

In addition to providing the course at CSUSB, Facebook also offered students that participated in the class with scholarship opportunities. Since 2018, 30 students received over $30,0000 in scholarships to attend conferences like Black Hat, DEFCON, F8, WiCyS, and Enigma. In 2018, seven students from the course also visited Facebook’s main campus to learn more about careers and life at the company. For more information about Facebook Cybersecurity University at CSUSB or learn how to enroll in the course, please contact us.


Defcon 25 in 2017

Students posing for a picture at DEFCON 25 in 2017.

black hat 2017

Black Hat in 2017

Facebook sent 17 students to DEFCON 26 and 6 students to Black Hat in 2017.

fall of 2018

Facebook Fall of 2018

CSUSB students and faculty visiting Facebook's main campus in the fall of 2018.