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Upcoming Events

The Cybersecurity Center hosts events, meetings, and workshops year-round to promote cybersecurity awareness, careers, and education. Our events are open to all current CSUSB students, and many to the public as well. Reference our outreach and club events in the Highlights of the Semester section of the cyber club calendar. To inquire about an upcoming event, please contact

Cyber Savvy Day at Oak Hills High School 

Hesperia USD invites CSUSB's Cyber Squad outreach team to visit Oak Hills High School for the CSUSB Cyber Savvy Day event April 11th, 11:30am - 3:30pm. Cyber program students from CSUSB's premier cyber club, the Cyber Intelligence & Security Organization (CISO) present to students from various high schools of the Hesperia USD the various cybersecurity student opportunities awaiting at CSUSB of scholarships, research programs, and apprenticeships while showing off drones, AI, and current, cutting-edge projects of the CSUSB cyber clubs.

Cyber Savvy Flyer


There are no scheduled upcoming events at this time.