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What does the Cybersecurity Center do?

The Cybersecurity Center maintains grant sponsored cyber programs at CSUSB. We are a sponsored programs office, NOT a degree program advising center.

How many students are accepted into the DoD Cybersecurity Scholarship Program each year?

CSUSB does decide whether or not a student is accepted into the DoD Cybersecurity Scholarship Program. CSUSB reviews all student applications and sends our top nominations to the Department of Defense for selection.

Am I able to get a certificate in cybersecurity without being enrolled in the University?

No, the design of the certificate program is similar to a minor. An example of this would be majoring in Computer Science and getting a certificate in Cybersecurity.

I would like to meet with Dr. Coulson regarding the scholarships that are available. When can I come in to speak with him?

Dr Coulson is available to speak with students during his office hours. Please contact to schedule an appointment.

Are there any PhD programs or online degree programs at CSUSB?

No, CSUSB does not offer PhD or online degree programs. Some courses are offered as online courses, but there is no online degree program.

When is the CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service application open/due?

The CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service application opens in March and is due in April.

Can I receive tutoring from CSUSB students/faculty?

No. The Cybersecurity Center does not provide students or faculty for private tutoring.

Does the Cybersecurity Center provide academic advising?

No, the Cybersecurity Center does not advise students on classes. You must contact the Information and Decision Sciences Office (JB 460) for advising.

How can my child participate in GenCyber?

CSUSB works with the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio to admit students into the program. The program opens each spring for applications. Official dates will be listed on our events calendar.

I am currently a student at CSUSB. How can I apply for a job at the Cybersecurity Center?

The Cybersecurity Center hires cybersecurity students to help us meet the goals of our grants. Typically, the center will put out a call for employment, review the student applications, and select the best student for the job.

How many students are accepted into the CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service Program each year?

The number of scholarship students into the CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service program varies every year. We typically accept anywhere from seven to ten students.

How can I become a graduate assistant?

The Cybersecurity Center does NOT employ graduate assistants. If you would like to be a graduate assistant, you must contact the MBA office in JB 281 or visit the department office in room JB 460.

When is the Facebook Cybersecurity University course offered?

Facebook Cybersecurity University is offered during Fall and Spring semester. This is subject to change so it is best to contact the office.

When is the DoD Cybersecurity Scholarship Program application due/open?

The DoD Cybersecurity Scholarship Program opens in late December or early January and is due in February.