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Inland Empire Cybersecurity Initiative

About the Program

The Inland Empire Cybersecurity Initiative (IECI), sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA), is a program in Southern California aimed at economic community development. With this grant, the CSUSB cyber program is able to offer paid apprenticeship opportunities to students. The program starts with identifying talent in middle and high schools, then develops students through a cyber pipeline, including a pre-apprenticeship program for community college students and CSUSB underclassmen. Upperclassmen at CSUSB can then participate in paid apprenticeships, involving various types of cyber career-starting employment in the Inland Empire. CSUSB, coalition partners, and local employers collaborate with students throughout the pipeline to ensure successful career starts in cybersecurity.

Reference the IECI website at

The Application period for Cohort 3 Apprenticeship is now closed.

Interested in applying?

Application for the next apprenticeship cohort will be available soon during Spring 2024

Eligibility Requirements

CSUSB selects the most qualified candidates to participate in the program. Before reviewing the application, you must determine whether or not you meet our eligibility requirements.

Students eligible for the Inland Empire Cybersecurity Initiative program must:

  • Be enrolled in a CSUSB Cybersecurity degree program*
  • Have at least 2 years left of degree program, so that by the start of the applicants entry into the CSUSB Pre-Apprenticeship program (or hiring candidacy), applicant must be a CSUSB enrolled Junior (attained 60-89.9 semester units) or first year graduate 
  • Have 3.2 GPA minimum accumulative
  • Complete IECI Pre-Apprenticeship program before consideration for employment candidacy

For more information about the program, please contact the Cybersecurity Center at or 909-537-7535.

**The Master’s of Science in Cyber Analytics Online program is not eligible for scholarships through the Cybersecurity Center. The program is not affiliated with the CAE Designation requirements.

Current IECI Apprentices

The CSUSB program website is now accessible to current IECI apprentices and alumni for calendars, Portfolium pathway/milestone information and Canvas resources, current events, FISMA syllabus/videos/resources, NICE Challenge and Portfolium workshop videos, pertinent contacts, and various training, internship, and employment resources. 

The Inland Empire Cybersecurity Initiative (IECI) Apprenticeship Program at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) is supported by the National Security Agency under grant award #H98230-21-1-0174.