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Sustainability Week

Welcome to Virtual Sustainability Week 2021! 

Each participating member of the pack is helping us create campus communities that are healthier and more resilient! Our goal is to inform you of the sustainability activities at CSUSB and introduce you to positive habits that benefit your finances, the environment and social well-being. Check out our virtual activities. Use the hashtag #ResilientCSUSB in your social media posts, take the small paw pledge, or email resilient@CSUSB and be resilient!

Please join us throughout the week as we learn and celebrate the advancements of sustainable living and a resilient lifestyle. Throughout the week, our campus community will have a daily and week-long opportunity to explore and learn more about sustainable living and its advantages. 

Week of Events

Our week of events will include daily career advice, food tips, movie recommendations, community engagement, and informational material to help educate our community in adopting more sustainable habits and overall lifestyle. We are excited to partner up with our campus community with several interdepartmental collaborations to bring a well-rounded experience for Sustainability Week 2021!

A Summary of Events
Monday: Special presentations hosted by ASI and explore the community using iNaturalist
Tuesday: Understanding energy and what is a microgrid and hear from Mark Arax, author of Dreamt Land
Wednesday: Learn how to make a zero waste pesto with our very own chefs from Yotie Eats
Thursday: Earth Day celebrations with iNaturalist and learn how our campus community is doing its part in improving green spaces
Friday: Cook with our Sustainability Co-Chair, Dr. Chen and learn valuable tips for healthy meal preparations. 

For more detailed information, we encourage you all to check out the links below to learn more about the different events of each day.