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Sustainability and Climate Literacy

It is vital for sustainability and climate literacy to be a part of the academic curriculum. The knowledge acquired will help California's booming economy today and in the future. Students need to familiarize themselves with these challenges to help encourage them to use their knowledge and skills to develop creative solutions for a more sustainable world.

CSUSB offers several courses and General Education Pathways that provide sustainability knowledge regardless of one's major. Graduates in all fields and professions should understand their role in creating healthier, resilient communities. Education majors have an additional responsibility in teaching K-12 students concerning this topic. 

Understanding sustainability increases success and lays the foundation for more equitable and resilient communities. 

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CSUSB Courses 

  • ADMN 601. Data-Driven Decision Making 

  • ANTH 342 Environmental Anthropology  

  • COMM 543. Environmental Communications  

  • CSE 208 Introduction to Computer Engineering Design  

  • CSE 408 Sustainable Engineering Design  

  • ECON 250. Statistics for Economists  

  • ECON 360. Economics of the Environment 

  • ECON 365. Economics of Climate Change 

  • ECON 425. Political Economy of Southern California 

  • GEOG 390. Environmental Sustainability in the 21st Century  

  • HSCI 120. Health and Society: An Ecological Approach  

  • HSCI 322. Air Pollution  

  • HSCI 352 Principles of Environmental Health  

  • HSCI 354 Solid Waste Management  

  • HSCI 358. Water Quality and Pollution  

  • HSCI 401 Advanced Environmental Health  

  • HSCI 557 Hazardous Material Control  

  • HSCI Grant Writing for Health Sciences  

  • PA 617. Management of Local Economic Development.  

  • PA 670. Emergency Management.  

  • PSCI 342 The Politics of Environment  

  • PSCI 380. Introduction to Public Administration. 

Sustainable General Education Pathways    

  • GE Pathway-Environmental Sustainability 

  • GE Pathway-Diversity and Social Justice 

  • GE Pathway-Big Ideas that Change the World: Exploring Ideas, Innovations, Discoveries 

View the complete list of General Education Pathways

K-12 Academics 

  • Education-Environmental Education and Education-Sci, Tech, Engineering, Math (ESTM) courses help Education majors equip future students with pressing climate and sustainability topics. 

  • CSUSB -Palm Desert Campus hosts an annual Environmental and Sustainability Expo connecting middle and high school students, teachers, universities, professors, community members, and environmental companies in the Coachella Valley. 

  • The Office of Sustainability partners with local high school teachers to provide living lab experiences for students.