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First Peoples Coyotes Rising

First Peoples Coyotes Rising! First Peoples Coyotes Rising


The Office of Outreach and Recruitment at CSUSB is proud to share with you the First Peoples Coyotes Rising summer program! This award-winning program is completely complimentary. 

This summer program is designed to help fall 2023 admitted Native American students acclimate to their new college environment and take advantage of the many resources available to them on campus. The program will include networking and community-building activities, as well as traditional Native American activities.

This event is primarily for Native American Students who are; Incoming-Freshmen and Upper-Division transfer students transitioning to CSUSB.  Attendees will engage in educational and cultural workshops that promote community building and positive student experiences. 

Program Objectives 

The primary objectives of the summer program are to support Native American students: 

  1. Transition into CSUSB.
  2. Adjust to challenges of historical and intergenerational suspicions of educational systems.
  3. Build community and connect with strong Native American role models. 
  4. Connect to institutional supports.
  5. Lay the foundations for the promotion of a positive overall student experience.

We look forward to your participation and welcoming you into the Coyote Pack! 

First Peoples Coyote Rising will take place Monday, August 21, 2023, from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on the CSUSB campus. 

  • Tentative program overview of the topics that will be covered throughout the program:
    • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities tailored to Native American students. 
    • Mentoring and support programs to ensure Native American students are supported throughout their studies. 
    • Academic advising and tutoring services help students better understand the material and stay on track with their coursework. 
    • Cultural activities and events to celebrate the unique traditions of the Native American community. 
    • Career counseling and opportunities to connect with alumni and other professionals in the Native American community. 
    • Social activities to foster a sense of belonging and community among Native American students. 
    • Leadership opportunities provide Native American students with the skills and experiences to be successful in their chosen careers. 

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If you have any questions, please call the program coordinators: 

Melissa Guerra / 909-537-3870

Mark Rogers / 909-537- 3783